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  • Medical Device Link . Implementing MEMS Technology in Today's Medical Electronics
    meter medication through a disposable set or tube inserted into the patient. The sensing element is used to indicate an alarm condition. It measures a pressure spike, which could occur when a blockage exists. A custom MEMS device has recently been developed to act as a force sensor. The expandable
  • Medical Device Link .
    and is equal in all directions. In the case of balloon-expandable stents, it is the force that the stent exerts on a blood vessel. For self-expanding stents, it is the force that the stent applies while it expands. FDA requires hoop force testing prior to product approval, yet there is no established standard
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Pemamo-Honing Phosa S.A. (Le Landeron, Switzerland) constructed the system on the foundation of its MVR 060EH vertical honing machine, which accommodates alloy steel components ranging in diameter from 0.6 to 2.5 mm and uses micrometric expandable superabrasive hones that ensure absolutely regular
  • From Lubricants to Packaging Materials: ARS Scientists Just Say "No " to Petroleum
    Artur Klamczynski (left) and plant physiologist Greg Glenn prepare batches of starch-based dough which will be further processed by extrusion to form heat-expandable pellets. (D1639-1). The Shape of Things To Come. Glenn has worked with both of the new processes in small-scale experiments at his
  • Medical Device Link . Superelastic Nitinol for Medical Devices
    advantages of nitinol stents over current balloon-expandable stents include a greater resistance to crushing in exposed vessels (such as the femoral or carotid arteries), lower bending stresses when situated in tortuous paths, more flexible delivery systems, the ability to scaffold cross sections other
  • Medical Device Link .
    a malleable metal such as stainless steel (Figure 2). Such stents can be placed on an expandable balloon delivery catheter. Other stents are made of wire mesh or a self-expanding metal such as Elgiloy or nitinol compressed into a coiled configuration and held by a sheath over the tip of a catheter. To make