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  • Fuels Preparation Department monthly report, May 1958
    Other advice and service performed included the following subjects: Special waste disposal, welding on metal insulated buildings, roof ventilators, ventilating hot water heater rooms, correcting buried water main � � fire alarm station, overcrowded paint shops , non- explosion - proof motors in explosive atmosphere �
  • Installation, operation and maintenance considerations for electrical equipment in hazardous locations
    When using a motor repair shop , it is essential that they are provided with complete information specific � � insure that specific maximum surface temperature is maintained after the repair including that of any space heaters . For explosion - proof motors, the repair facility must be licensed and/or approved by an accredited certification agency to repair and re-label motors and maintain the listing.
  • A Three Year Comparison of Natural Gas and Diesel Transit Buses
    Facility renovations included automated make-up air ventilation integrated into gas detection/alarm systems of 12 sensors for automatic activation of the new mechanical exhaust fans, explosion proof electrical conduit, sealed sulfur lighting, and totally enclosed heaters . � SunLine's, incorporated 28 gas/fire sensors that detect the presence of gas and increase shop air flow through �
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  • Handbook of Electrical Design Details, Second Edition > ELECTRIC MOTORS AND STARTERS
    Splash-proof motors can resist liquids spilled on them, and explosion- proof motors with completely enclosed frames confine any internal electrical arcing that could ignite fires or set off explosions . Some building service equipment with motors, such as furnaces, hot-water heaters , air-conditioning systems, fans, and � � motors power equipment such as elevators and HVAC equipment in high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and �
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