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  • Oil Heaters and Kerosene Heaters-Image
    Oil Heaters and Kerosene Heaters - (46 companies)
    How to Select Oil Heaters and Kerosene Heaters. Oil heaters and kerosene heaters burn liquid petroleum products to generate heat. They consist of metal columns with cavities and a heating element. Inside these cavities, oil or kerosene flows freely...
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  • Gas Heaters and Propane Heaters-Image
    Gas Heaters and Propane Heaters - (69 companies)
    ...are corrosion resistant, explosion-proof, finned, indirect-fired, or microprocessor controlled. Others are designed for cryogenic applications, feature custom designs, provide dynamic power regulation, or have an encased coil to maximum heat transfer...
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  • Space Heaters and Room Heaters-Image
    Space Heaters and Room Heaters - (152 companies)
    ...optional features for space heaters and room heaters. Some products are corrosion resistant, explosion-proof, finned, indirect-fired, or microprocessor controlled. Others are designed for cryogenic applications, feature custom designs, provide dynamic power...
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  • Infrared Heaters-Image
    Infrared Heaters - (219 companies)
    ...cooling options, corrosion resistance, cryogenic use, explosion proof housing, internal temperature detectors, UL approval and weatherproof housing. Corrosion resistant infrared heaters are suitable for use in a corrosive or chemical environment...
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  • Tubular Heaters-Image
    Tubular Heaters - (176 companies)
    ...ratings. Tubular heaters may also use synthetic rubber such as neoprene for the sheath or sleeve material. Features. Tubular heaters differ in terms of features and options. Some products are corrosion resistant, explosion-proof, finned, or portable...
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    Intrinsic Safety Barriers - (86 companies)
    Intrinsic safety (IS) barriers are devices that limit the current, voltage, and total energy delivered to a sensor in a hazardous area or flammable environment in order to prevent an explosion. Intrinsic safety barriers are devices that limit...
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    Explosion Proof Heaters - (48 companies)
    Explosion proof heaters are constructed with housings that can withstand explosions, protecting the materials being heated. This classification may also include housings, which can withstand sparking and flames. Definition. Explosion proof heaters...
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    Explosion Proof Pumps - (104 companies)
    Explosion proof pumps prevent internal or external explosions by enclosing parts that could ignite either the transfer media or the surrounding atmosphere. Explosion proof pumps are pumps specially designed to enclose parts of the pump that could...
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    Industrial Heaters - (2071 companies)
    This is a general search form for all types of industrial heaters, devices which are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and heating configurations. Screw Plug Immersion Heater | Infrared Panel Heater | Explosion Proof Heater. Image Credit...
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    Coil Heaters and Cable Heaters - (154 companies)
    Coil heaters and cable heaters are heating elements formed from straight (uncoiled) segments of round or square heating cable. Coil heaters and cable heaters are elongated heating elements. They include heating cables as well as coil heaters...
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  • Fuels Preparation Department monthly report, May 1958
    Other advice and service performed included the following subjects: Special waste disposal, welding on metal insulated buildings, roof ventilators, ventilating hot water heater rooms, correcting buried water main … … fire alarm station, overcrowded paint shops , non- explosion - proof motors in explosive atmosphere …
  • Installation, operation and maintenance considerations for electrical equipment in hazardous locations
    When using a motor repair shop , it is essential that they are provided with complete information specific … … insure that specific maximum surface temperature is maintained after the repair including that of any space heaters . For explosion - proof motors, the repair facility must be licensed and/or approved by an accredited certification agency to repair and re-label motors and maintain the listing.
  • States > Maryland > State > Statutes > Public Safety > Title 10
    1) A stove, an exposed flame, or an electric heater may not be used in a fireworks plant, except in a boiler room, machine shop , office building, pump house, or lavatory in which fireworks, fireworks components, or volatile chemicals are prohibited. … If a unit heater is located inside a building that could, at any time, contain explosive composition: (i) the heater shall be equipped with an explosion- proof motor; and .
  • A Three Year Comparison of Natural Gas and Diesel Transit Buses
    Facility renovations included automated make-up air ventilation integrated into gas detection/alarm systems of 12 sensors for automatic activation of the new mechanical exhaust fans, explosion proof electrical conduit, sealed sulfur lighting, and totally enclosed heaters . … SunLine's, incorporated 28 gas/fire sensors that detect the presence of gas and increase shop air flow through …
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  • Handbook of Electrical Design Details, Second Edition > ELECTRIC MOTORS AND STARTERS
    Splash-proof motors can resist liquids spilled on them, and explosion- proof motors with completely enclosed frames confine any internal electrical arcing that could ignite fires or set off explosions . Some building service equipment with motors, such as furnaces, hot-water heaters , air-conditioning systems, fans, and … … motors power equipment such as elevators and HVAC equipment in high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and …
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