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  • A Standard Reference Diet for Crustacean Nutrition Research. II. Selection of a Purification Procedure for Production of the Rock Crab Cancer irroratus Prote...
    Two hundred grams of this spray-dried crab powder was introduced into an explosion - proof blender and blended with 500 ml of reagent-grade acetone for 30 seconds.
  • Blenders and Paddle Blenders from Cole-Parmer
    ...a combination of crushing and stirring, bringing out seated organisms from tissues, organs, powders , creams, ointments, etc. Explosion - proof lab blenders are used for safe mixing of unstable substances and hazardous materials.
  • Protein Analysis and Purification
    tissues in a powder form. In this method, a large volume of cold acetone or 100% ethanol is slowly added to a tissue or a microbial paste while agitating the mixture in an explosion - proof blade homogenizer or blender .
  • The rapid determination of aflatoxin M1 in dairy products
    Powdered milk (5 g) was added to a separatory funnel (250 ml), shaken with water (50 ml... 10 sec) in an explosion - proof blender to grate the cheese.
    Each sample was entirely powdered to pass through a no. 20 sieve. 1) Explosion - proof blender – Waring Laboratory Blender (Waring, New Hartford, CT); 1-L capacity; (2) Adsorption column – Sep-Pak C18 cartridges (Waters Corporation, Milford, MA); (3) Microfilter – Acrodisc Pre-retention syringe filter with 0.2 mm Supor membrane (Pall...
  • Handbook of Industrial Mixing: Science and Practice - Index
    ...time distribution 2 Distributive mixing, definition 988 DNS see turbulence model Double cone blender , solids 908, 910... ...drop size 643 normal 644 population balance modeling 697 Schwarz-Bezemer equation 645 similarity 676 time to equilibrium 668, 727 transient 676 Drop suspension, off bottom 646 Dust explosion 979, 980 Dynamical systems... ...1260 enclosures 1263 explosion- proof 1263 frame size 1262... ...1313, 1316, 1317 non-Newtonian fluids 1222 pipeline mixing 391, 422, 463 see powder b lender pulp...
  • A fire in a secondary pharmaceutical powder transfer operation
    The dust filter collects fines, which did not settle in the V- blender . In addition, the powder in the dust filter is pure pharmaceutical powder and hence, of different composition than the final blend, which was analyzed for its explosive properties. ...and that even 15 years of accident free operations may count little as proof of a good...
  • Planetary Mixers
    • Internal pressure • Complete vacuum and solvent-recovery systems • Explosion - proof designs • Jackets for heating and cooling the batch • Bottom and side-wall scrapers • Discharge systems for bulk discharge and cartridge filling • Sanitary design • PLC... Applied to any Ross mixer or blender , vacuum can accelerate the mix/blend cycle, improve end-product quality... Vacuum is also an effective tool for adding lightweight powders to a liquid batch – eliminating “dusting�?...