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  • A Standard Reference Diet for Crustacean Nutrition Research. II. Selection of a Purification Procedure for Production of the Rock Crab Cancer irroratus Prote...
    Two hundred grams of this spray-dried crab powder was introduced into an explosion - proof blender and blended with 500 ml of reagent-grade acetone for 30 seconds.
  • Blenders and Paddle Blenders from Cole-Parmer
    ...a combination of crushing and stirring, bringing out seated organisms from tissues, organs, powders , creams, ointments, etc. Explosion - proof lab blenders are used for safe mixing of unstable substances and hazardous materials.
  • Protein Analysis and Purification
    tissues in a powder form. In this method, a large volume of cold acetone or 100% ethanol is slowly added to a tissue or a microbial paste while agitating the mixture in an explosion - proof blade homogenizer or blender .
  • The rapid determination of aflatoxin M1 in dairy products
    Powdered milk (5 g) was added to a separatory funnel (250 ml), shaken with water (50 ml... 10 sec) in an explosion - proof blender to grate the cheese.
    Each sample was entirely powdered to pass through a no. 20 sieve. 1) Explosion - proof blender – Waring Laboratory Blender (Waring, New Hartford, CT); 1-L capacity; (2) Adsorption column – Sep-Pak C18 cartridges (Waters Corporation, Milford, MA); (3) Microfilter – Acrodisc Pre-retention syringe filter with 0.2 mm Supor membrane (Pall...
  • Handbook of Industrial Mixing: Science and Practice - Index
    ...time distribution 2 Distributive mixing, definition 988 DNS see turbulence model Double cone blender , solids 908, 910... ...drop size 643 normal 644 population balance modeling 697 Schwarz-Bezemer equation 645 similarity 676 time to equilibrium 668, 727 transient 676 Drop suspension, off bottom 646 Dust explosion 979, 980 Dynamical systems... ...1260 enclosures 1263 explosion- proof 1263 frame size 1262... ...1313, 1316, 1317 non-Newtonian fluids 1222 pipeline mixing 391, 422, 463 see powder b lender pulp...
  • Planetary Mixers
    • Internal pressure • Complete vacuum and solvent-recovery systems • Explosion - proof designs • Jackets for heating and cooling the batch • Bottom and side-wall scrapers • Discharge systems for bulk discharge and cartridge filling • Sanitary design • PLC... Applied to any Ross mixer or blender , vacuum can accelerate the mix/blend cycle, improve end-product quality... Vacuum is also an effective tool for adding lightweight powders to a liquid batch – eliminating “dusting�?...
  • New Ross Laboratory Ribbon/Paddle Blender
    Ross Ribbon Blenders are commonly used for blending dry powders , granules, pellets and other solid forms. All Ross blenders are direct-driven by an inverter-ready gearmotor, a low-maintenance design superior to... Popular options include sight/charge ports, safety gratings, pneumatically-operated covers and discharge valves, sanitary construction, spray bar assembly, heating/cooling jacket, caster wheels for portability, explosion - proof operator stations and HMI/PLC systems.