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  • What's the Difference Between Explosion Proof & Intrinsically Safe?
    are "Explosion Proof" and "Intrinsically Safe". We will discuss these methods as they relate to gas detection equipment. Generally speaking, "explosion proof" is the more commonly used method for detector/sensor assemblies for fixed gas detection systems, where higher voltages and power requirements may
  • Hazardous Atmospheres: Explosion Proof
    In the last edition of 20/20 Insights we discussed the elements that must be present in order to produce an explosion. The three legs of the "fire triangle" (fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source) are required to support combustion. In addition, the volume ratio of fuel to air must be within
  • Selecting Explosion-Proof Motors and Variable Frequency Drive Controllers for Hazardous Environmental Applications
    Applying variable frequency power to explosion-proof motors in hazardous locations requires special considerations regarding UL 674, motor ratings and variable frequency drive characteristics to name a few. The attached paper (D-7154), originally published in Machine Design, highlights the issues
  • Preventing a Disaster: A Tutorial on Explosion Proof Vacuums (.doc)
    In February of 2008, a sugar plant near Savannah, Georgia suffered the ultimate tragedy. Fourteen employees were killed and 40 injured when finely ground motes of sugar dust ignited, setting off a violent blast. If the fatalities and a tarnished reputation weren't enough, the Occupational Safety and
  • When the Dust Settles: A Tutorial on Explosion-Proof Vacuums(.pdf)
    Ever since finely ground motes of sugar caused a tragic explosion at a sugar factory in Savannah, GA, killing 14, combustible dust has been wavering as a national headline. The tragedy sparked serious finger pointing, and brought to light a catastrophic issue that was hiding in the shadows
  • Application Example -Custom Air/Water Heat Exchanger for Pharmaceutical Industry
    The challenge was that this system would be located in a Class I, Div II environment, meaning the enclosure and components had to be explosion proof. To remain competitive in price, the system integrator needed an alternate solution to an explosion proof AC unit.
  • Renishaw Encoders Ride a Controlled Explosion
    1995 cc, the KTM Dragster does the quarter mile in 6.7 seconds at a terminal velocity of 316 kmh. Helping tame the KTM's (barely) controlled explosion is a brace of "bomb proof" Renishaw RM22 compact, high-speed rotary magnetic encoders. Take a 360kg motorcycle with an absurd power output, a fearless
  • Hazardous Atmospheres: Intrinsic Safety
    In the last edition of 20/20 Insights we covered the use of explosion proof construction to prevent a source of ignition from coming in contact with a room full of fuel and air. Strong enclosures with threaded or flanged covers can confine explosive forces within themselves and cool the escaping

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