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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
112-651-001 Global Industrial Koch Filter Corporation Not Provided Koch Filter ™ 80-85% No Header Multi-Flo Series S Extended Surface, 24"W X 24"H X 12"D
206-106-115 Global Industrial Koch Filter Corporation Not Provided Koch Filter ™ 65% Synthetic Extended Surface Multi-Sak, 6 Pockets, 24"W X 24"H X 15"D
120-701-001 Global Industrial Koch Filter Corporation Not Provided Koch Filter ™ 80-85% No Header Micromax Extended Surface, Bb Frame, 24"W X 24"H X 4"D
5369302977 Global Industrial Clarcor Air Filtration Not Provided Purolator ® Extended Surface Pleated Cartridge Filter Dominator Dr95-0412-Sa 20" X 24" X 12"
5360463230 Global Industrial Clarcor Air Filtration Not Provided Purolator ® Extended Surface Cartridge Filter Serva-Cell Gt Sl95gt 11-1/2" X 11-1/2" X 6"
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  • Extended Storing
    For systems that are used in a seasonal application or as a standby system, proper precautions must be taken to preserve the life of your pump/pumping system when subjected to extended storage. To ensure optimum system performance, use the following guidelines
  • Passivate Lead Screws for Extended Service Life
    Incorporated. Products. Services. General. Services - Finishing - Passivation. Passivate leadscrews for extended service life. Maximize corrosion resistance and reduce leadscrew surface impurities remaining from processing. Remove surface contaminations, such as iron particles left by cutting tools
  • EC Motors, The Extended Arm Of Automotive Electronics (.pdf)
    Motors, the extended arm of automotive electronics. Safety and reliability are of prime importance in automobile construction and, for this reason, auxiliary and. accessory equipment has in practice till now also been driven mechanically from the driving machine (motor). The. disadvantage
  • Construction Firms Gain Productivity through Extended Stick-Out Welding Procedures
    . Welding School. Seminars and Workshops. Training Materials. Training Equipment. Youth Organizations. Skilled Trades. Service School. Support. Service & Distributor Locations. Operators Manuals. Material Safety Data Sheets. Product Registration. Extended Warranty. Certificate Center. Equipment Certificate
  • Surface Measurement & Manufacturing
    abstract). Christopher A. Brown, Douglas R. S. Brown*, Joseph A. Feula, Gregory Hesler, Brendan M. Powers Discrimination of Surfaces using Surface Texture Measurements and Area-scale Analysis, Microscopical Society of Canada, Winnipeg, 17-19 June 2009 (extended abstract). Powers, B.M., Cohen, D.K., O’Hearn
  • Copper drawn part used in Aerospace oxygen application. Part needed clean surfaces free of contamination.
    contaminants that may have been. on the surface from drawing or normal factory handling. The. process increased corrosion resistance, and gave the part. an extended life. The part met or exceeded all design and. testing specifications. After. Note to Engineer: Unprotected electropolished metal often
  • 3D Probing & Material Surface Scanning (.pdf)
    occur accidentally or by. design. Unlike conventional sensing equipment, the Z-Correction Probe never gets in the way. because it is permanently mounted right next to the spindle. The Z-Correction Probe is pneu-. matically retractable, so it is extended only when needed. Based on its integrated design
  • Linear Bushings: How to Use Single/Double/Long and Surface Treated Product
    ball bearing in contact will be smaller. This effect can be confirmed from the fact that the load ratings increase as the lengths of bushings [1], [2], and [3] increase. Therefore, selecting a linear bushing with longer length improves the load capacity (Extended life, and increased reliability

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  • Dubbel
    The about 2/3 lesser modulus of Elasticity requires against steel by same load-bearing capacity and stiffness a correspondingly larger moment of inertia of an area , i.e., a larger building volume and greater wall thicknesses.
  • Frick / Knöll Baukonstruktionslehre1
    Heating insulating boards are adjusted closely pushed in the shuttering and bind with the introduced concrete alone through material adhesion, by larger surfaces additionally through inserted plastics or galvanized sheet metals or wiring armatures.
  • Free space and nature protection
    In the principle it is also in the inverted case at the presence of large surfaces and unimpeded exchange relationships possible as - particularly because of the can comparatively robustly respond unimpeded exchange relationships, the system, to disorders because the buffer capacity is...
  • Adhesive bonding
    curings.: Strahlungs-(UV-)härtende Cyan acrylates offer the advantage of an open longer time, thus, are also larger surfaces (by transparent mating parts) glueable .
  • Manual of the surface treatment concrete
    For larger surfaces pneumatically or electrically driven tools or new processing methods of that some have obtained the in the meantime greater importance as traditional methods withdraw.
  • Dermatological differential diagnosis
    very rarely; higher age; no gender preference) K: To large surfaces konfluierte,braun-rote,wenig scaling Flecken.Massiver,generalisierter pruritus.
  • Ceramics
    Thereby, a high porosity forms i.e. these products have indeed a near order related to the glass but a large surface .
  • Flat works
    Storage separately after elements storage as large surface shuttering .