Products/Services for Extra Large Humidifiers

  • Humidifiers (industrial)-Image
    Humidifiers (industrial) - (177 companies)
    For example, printing plants use industrial humidifiers to reduce static electricity in the ink wells of large, high-speed web presses. Plastic manufacturers also use industrial humidifiers, but to reduce the buildup of dust on rollers and machinery...
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    Primary Voltage
    Power Demand
  • Air Cleaners-Image
    Air Cleaners - (291 companies)
    Air cleaners re-circulate, filter and purify air for process and environmental applications. Air cleaners or purifiers can be portable, table-top devices used in individual rooms or larger systems that require installation with an existing HVAC...
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  • Lamps-Image
    Lamps - (1833 companies)
    Lamps are light sources that emit incoherent light for illumination. There are many different types of products. Examples include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, heat lamps, incandescent lamps, LED lamps, projection lamps, spectral lamps, and stage lamps. Specialized and proprietary lamps are also available.
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  • Cabinets and Casework-Image
    Cabinets and Casework - (701 companies)
    Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials.
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  • Boilers (industrial)-Image
    Boilers (industrial) - (620 companies)
    Industrial boilers are closed vessels that use a fuel source or electricity to heat water or generate steam for industrial heating and humidification applications. The basic concept of a boiler involves a heat source (furnace) and a heat exchanger...
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    Scrubbers (cleaning tools) - (171 companies)
    Scrubbers are machines used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors and parking areas. Scrubbers Information. Scrubbers are machines used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors, and parking...
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    Bathtubs - (111 companies)
    Bathtubs are large containers that hold water used for bathing. Bathtubs come in various materials, shapes, and sizes and are mostly used in residential homes for personal use. Bathtubs are large containers with a tub shape that hold water...
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    Coaxial Cables and Triaxial Cables - (727 companies)
    Coaxial cables have an inner conductor insulated by a dielectric material and then surrounded by an outer conductor that is shielded with braid or foil. Triaxial cables add an extra layer of insulation and a second conductive sheath...
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    Strainers - (773 companies)
    Strainers are placed in-line with process piping to remove large solid contaminants from the flow. Strainers can be cleaned and reused. Strainers can be supplied as either an assembly or an element. Strainer assemblies come equipped with a housing...
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    Lazy Susan Bearings - (9 companies)
    ...and repair facilities or workshops. Larger, motor-operated rotating platforms are called turntables. Specifications. Lazy Susan bearings are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as galvanized steel or zinc-plated metals. They are square...
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