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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1457K1601 Allied Electronics, Inc. HAMMOND MFG Not Provided Enclosure;Cabinet;Aluminum,Extruded;Natural;6.3x3.3x1.73 In;IP65;1457 Series
1455B802BK Allied Electronics, Inc. HAMMOND MFG Not Provided Enclosure;Cabinet;Desktop;Aluminum,Extruded;Black;3.15x2.82x0.75 In;1455 Series
1455DBBK Allied Electronics, Inc. HAMMOND MFG Not Provided Enclosure;Aluminum Extruded;End Plate;Plastic;Open Bezel;BLACK;
1455K1202BK Allied Electronics, Inc. HAMMOND MFG Not Provided Enclosure;Cabinet;Desktop;Aluminum,Extruded;Black;4.72x3.07x1.69 In;1455 Series
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extruded, stamped, bonded, cast or machined to achieve a shape that will increase the surface area, so that heat is more readily absorbed by the surrounding cooler air. Most have a fin or pin design. Heat sinks, when used with fans (forced convection), can dissipate large amounts of heat while...

...either a functional or decorative thin-film coating of 99.8% pure aluminum to most plastic injection-molded, extruded, or thermoformed enclosures. The company can also provide spray coating of conductive nickel-, copper-, or silver-filled water-based paints. Summit Coating Technologies LLC, 25 N...

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  • Extruded aluminium enclosures with integral heat sink (06/10/2006 18:48:20)
    Following the acquisition of the West Hyde small enclosures business when it ceased trading, Hammond Electronics has re-introduced the seven-strong Sink Box range of extruded aluminium cases, designed for the horizontal mounting of PCBs or chassis.
  • RFI capability added to heavy duty watertight enclosures (22/05/2009 13:28:16)
    Hammond Electronics has extended the capabilities of the 1457 extruded aluminium family of small enclosures with the introduction of RFI screened IP54 environmentally sealed versions.
  • Effective Conveyor Belt Inspection for Improved Mining Productivity
    The frame and support structure was constructed from inexpensive, commercially available aluminum extrusion . Sensitive electronics and computing hardware were relocated to a remote enclosure , decreasing vibrational stresses and increasing reliability.
  • CR4 - Thread: Inverters and Transformers
    ...and can put out a couple hundred watts of fairly clean 110V 60 Hz "modified sine wave" power with input and output protection, fuses everywhere, very attractive and effective extruded aluminum heat sinks as part of the enclosure , audible alert for problem... I am still amazed by the efficiencies attained by the electronics industry over the past several decades!
  • Realization of enhancement in time averaged neutron yield by using repetitive miniature plasma focus device as pulsed neutron source
    The device has an enclosed structure of size 0.6 m × 0.6 m × 0.75 m and the mainframe is made up of high mechanical strength, extruded aluminium alloy 6061 plates. The enclosed structure has specifically been chosen to prevent the interference of discharge generated electromagnetic noise with external electronics .
  • Bucking the trend
    The company also manufactures four pressed metal casing components in Zintec zinc-coated mild steel (base, lid, backplate and a PCB carrier) to enclose the motor and electronics of a large range of CCTV cameras designed for different applications, viewing areas and... The base, lid and PCB carrier consisted formerly of three aluminium extrusions , while the backplate was an ABS plastic moulding with apertures, some blanked off where labels were affixed.
  • Extended Range of Extruded Aluminium Enclosures (13/02/2008 16:28:37)
    TEKO have extended the TEKAL range of extruded aluminium enclosures . These versatile housings have been designed for hand-held, desktop and wall mounted electronics .
  • High-Level Packaging Options for Outdoor Remote Units
    Plastic or metal covers on two sides of the heat sink are used to protect the electronics . The main enclosure can be built by either extrusion or die casting process. Aluminum is usually the material of choice.
  • Thermal design and tests for the CMS HCAL readout box
    As with the previous system the electronics cards are enclosed in extruded channel, sandwiched using thermal foam to carry heat from the ICs to the extrusion and then out to the cooling water. One difference here is the larger transfer extrusion is used to form the first electronics channel. This extrusion will have a large volume of aluminum as shown in order to increase the heat...
  • Sizing and Applying Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    In this case, the electronics housing can be installed on the side or nearby the cylinder sensing rod is enclosed within an aluminum extrusion .
  • Diffusion Limited Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) in Microgravity Environments
    ELECTRONICS AIR ENCLOSURE In order to avoid exposure of sensitive electronic equipment to the high vacuum environment of the drop tower, a special enclosure is used. This is made from a 12″ 6061-T6 aluminum extrusion with a ½″ wall thickness and is approximately 22″ inches in overall length.
  • High-resolution CCD camera family with a PC host utilizes highly reliable surface mount technology circuitry to provide the miniaturization necessaiy for the small enclosure . The camera head contains the CCD sensor array along with the support electronics in a 2.5k x 2.5" x 2.72" (3•9W x 3.9" x 6.25w for the MC4020) one piece extruded aluminum housing.

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