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  • Rheology Benefits for Blending and Extrusion
    devices for sensing and recording extrusion torque. Microsoft Word - Flyer-RheologyBlendingandExtrusion2.doc. Discover The Answers ™. Plastic Blending, Mixing, Rheology, and Extrusion. Associated Polymer Labs offers a complete laboratory for your blending, mixing, Rheology, and R &D extrusion needs
  • Food / Pet Food Processing Applications: Mixing and Extrusion of Breakfast Cereals
    with temperature fluctuation. Indication for cleaning. Extrusion Application. Cereal or a mixture of cereal is formed in a way to make their shape more attractive and more consumer-friendly. Traditional Process: Liquids and dry cereal ingredients (whole grains and grits) are separately weighed
  • Medical Device Link . Comparing Liquid and High Consistency Silicone Rubber Elastomers: Which Is Right for You?
    Figure 2). Figure 2. Comparison of processing steps in molding of high consistency silicones (top), extrusion of high consistency silicones (middle), and molding or extrusion of liquid silicones (bottom). High consistency silicone rubber elastomers are ideal for use in extrusion because of the high
  • Improving Control of the Extrusion Spheronization Process
    . The physical properties of two types of commercial MCC showed differences during the step of moistening, thereby affecting the particle size and hardness of the pellets obtained The most commonly used granulating liquid is water, although in some cases the use of alcohol or a water-alcohol mixture
  • Ultrahigh Flow Liquid Crystal Polymer
    A new ow improvement technology (FIT) including. reactive extrusion and Celanese proprietary compounding technology enables a high ow liquid crystal polymer (LCP) with lower warpage. LCP polymer chain and its molecular weight distribution were tailored via reactive extrusion, while ller structure
  • Liquid cooled LED arrays as bright as 30 headlights
    the module. What's more, during the research project CeramTec succeeded in achieving series extrusion of AlN ceramics with exceptional thermal conductivity. This process was the world's first of its kind at the time and enables rod-shaped bodies and tube systems made of ceramic with high thermal
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Filters
    Ampoule covers are manufactured to customer specifications using fibre extrusion bonding processes. A prefilled glass ampoule can be sealed inside the fibre ampoule. Swab tips for liquid absorption are also offered. Provided with film, nonwoven fabric, or paper wraps to aid in high-speed automatic
  • Medical Device Link . Technology news
    To maintain consistent dimensions in bump-tubing diameters during extrusion, producers of medical tubing vary the internal air pressure, process speed, and other extrusion parameters. This has traditionally been the function of timers and switches, an alchemy that Charles Sparacino, sales engineer

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