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Parts by Number for Eye Bolt Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
J94025 Global Industrial Proto Not Provided Proto ® 1.75" Forged Eye Bolt, 4-14/25 - 4-47/50" Long, 9/16 - 12" Thread
P0025 Allied Electronics, Inc. APEX TOOL GROUP Not Provided PART;EYE BOLT FOR 9190/9290 TOOLS;H.K. Porter
SM06-EB20 Allied Electronics, Inc. OMRON STI Not Provided ACCESSORY,EYE BOLT FOR ER4020 AND ER6019
44506-4710 Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Switches SM06-EB10, EYE BOLT SS, 8-PAK
0638017232 Digi-Key Molex Inc Tools EYE BOLT
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Conduct Research Top

  • Eye-Bolt Relocation
    SUBJECT: Crankcase Change - 60 Frame
  • Superstrong parts
    advantages while serving in diverse applications ranging from high-quality driveshafts, gear rims, pinions, and couplings to eye bolts, nozzles, hydraulic cylinders, and suspension components. Open-die forging shapes heated metal parts between a top die attached to a ram and a bottom die attached
  • A Typical Injection Mold Design Guide
    ) upon opening of PL to facilitate proper ejection. Waterlines should be placed as evenly as possible to the contours of the cavity. Use support pillars underneath the cavity pockets. Use ejector guides for molds with small ejector pins and rectangular ejector pins. Provide eye-bolt hole for ease
  • Using a Stroboscope to Measure RPM
    be used when you can’t shut down the device. The human. eye is not easily tricked into seeing a stopped image by a stroboscope when the. flash rate is slower than 300 FPM. Therefore, stroboscopes are just about. impossible to use below 300 FPM for inspection or to measure RPM. MONARCH INSTRUMENT 15
  • A search engine for CAD geometry
    Geolus Search software can track the geometry of parts stored in several databases and find needed shapes in the blink of an eye, working from either simple text descriptions or approximate geometry. Geolus Search can generate maps showing what is available in a particular database. Each item
  • Self-Sealing Fastening Without Chemistry
    . Because these sealants are harsh chemicals, physical contact and. inhalation of vapors can present a health hazard causing eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation, as well as. environmental disposal problems. According to the NSF International (formerly the National Sanitation. Foundation), who
  • Circumventing Murphy
    other on the same shaft. The only difference between the two gears was three teeth, making it difficult to tell the gears apart with the naked eye. And because the gears fit interchangeably on the shaft, assembly errors were common. To error-proof the assembly, engineers modified the holes
  • Corona & Testing - Who, What, When, Where & Why
    at essentially the same voltage and is invisible during the day and requires darkness to see at night. Arcing starts at a voltage and stops at a voltage about 50% lower and is visible to the naked eye day or night if the gap is large enough (about 5/8" at 3500 volts). 6. What are the indications
  • Procedure to Verify Proper Operation of Tachometers and Optical Sensors
    - The Tachometer/Sensor must be held steady or mounted so the “on target. indicator” locks on and does not blink on and off while trying to take a measurement. The “on target. indicator” on all hand held tachs is a bull’s eye circle on the left side of the display. The “on target. indicator” on ROS
  • Medical Device Link .
    punching and drilling equipment. Included is a manual press tooled for drilling holes in a spiral pattern in a multilumen catheter. Additional tooling also allows skiving operations to be performed on the same machine. The punch press is capable of eye cutting and skiving of air lumens in a dual-lumen

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