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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
F56010-01 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Linear ICs:Analog Signal Conditioners:Special Application Signal Processing Linear ICs:Analog Signal Conditioners:Special Application Signal Processing
F2VF Radwell M System Technology Inc Not Provided SIGNAL TRANSMITTER
F2-UNICON Not Provided Communications / Serial / Serial Isolators & Converters RS-232C to RS-422 converter. Converts RJ12 RS-232C port to a DB25male RS-422 port. Powered directly from the 5V pins on most Direct LOGIC CPU ports. Includes 1 ft. cable with two RJ12 6P6C plugs, DIN rail mounting kit, and manual. The F2-UNICON provides no signal isolation so it is not recommended...
F35-3-71-0 Allied Electronics, Inc. SIMPSON ELECTRIC Not Provided Process Meter, IP/NEMA: 4X, Signal Input Type: 4 to 20mA Process
19450F Newark / element14 PRO SIGNAL Not Provided PRO SIGNAL - 19450F -
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  • SVT F-150 Lightning -- A pickup for speed demons
    lower rocker extensions, clear rear taillights and turn signals, side-exit exhaust, big 18-in. wheels, and fat, low-profile tires. One look and it's obvious this is no ordinary F-150. Ride and handling surpasses that of normal pickups. The truck takes sharp corners fairly well, considering its size
  • Voltage-dependent Dynamic FRET Signals from the Transverse Tubules
    uorescent proteins were effi ciently expressed in the TTS and surface. membranes. Voltage-dependent optical signals resulting from resonance energy transfer from fl uorescent proteins. to DPA were named QRET transients, to distinguish them from FRET transients recorded using DiBAC4(5). The peak ?F/F
  • Understanding Mismatch Effects In Power Combining Circuits
    amplifier is offset by its large package size, while the small size of a chip-and-wire amplifier is balanced by the labor involved with this approach. Fortunately, MITEQ offers a better solution: the TSM series of true surface-mountable amplifiers that cover frequency bands f rom 0.1 to 40.0 GHz
  • Voltage-to-Frequency/Frequency-to-Voltage Converter
    One of the most difficult circuits to build is one which will divide one analog signal by another. Two voltage-to-frequency (V/F) converters can do such division with ease. The numerator is counted directly as a signal, while the denominator forms the time base.
  • Defense and Aerospace Solutions - Military Case Study
    , surveillance and reconnaissance systems. The client is a prime subcontractor on the F-22 Common Integrated Processor (CIP) program. The F-22 CIP contains both signal processing and data processing elements that provide integrated data and signal processing for all of the avionics sensor and mission
  • Using the C30 Compiler to Interface SPI Serial EEPROMs with dsPIC33
    SDA1/RG3 SCK1/INT0/RF6 SDI1/RF7100 Pin TQFP SDO1/RF8 dsPIC33FJ256GP710 U1RX/RF2 1 8 VccCS PIC24FJ128GA010 U1TX/RF3 X 2 7SO HOLDX 4 54 5 25X SS DD F F WP 3 6 SCK V V R R / / RD1 RD1 7 8 / / 0 1 Vss 4 5 SI CN1 CN1 / X TRX/ S/CN2 S/CN2 2 T U2U CT R U1 U1 Note: CS, WP and HOLD pins should all have pull-up
  • Sensible Sensing
    cards. DAQ F/Ts modify strain-gage signals from transducers and send them to a DAQ card which controls resolution and data speed. These cards change their hardware and software with new bus formats and operating systems, thus keeping the DAQ F/T updated to fit any desktop and laptop computer
  • Tension Amplifier is Stable and Drift-Free Vs Competition (.pdf)
    data collected from two controlled laboratory tests that DFE's Engineering department performed on both the TI17C indicator and a major competitor's top-of-the-line tension amplifier. The first chart shows the TI17C's signal output at a constant low-voltage input and at ambient temperature (~70°F

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