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  • Survey of Software Failsafe Techniques for Safety-Critical Automotive Applications (.pdf)
    to their targeted. sound methods that design teams may choose to utilize. failure detection, architecture dependencies, and. for their products. implementation tradeoffs. Lastly, certain failsafe. strategies for a Delphi Brake Controls application are. presented as examples. ANALYSIS METHODS FOR IDENTIFYING
  • Applying Permanent Magnet Brakes in Targeted Biopsy
    requirements. While there are. various failsafe or power off alternatives. available, including conventional spring-. applied brakes, there are advantages to. Ogura Permanent Magnet Brakes: • There is no power/current required. to achieve holding torque;. • They are backlash-free; a one-piece. diaphragm
  • Crane Winch, Hydramarine
    brakes. 220-273 SA brakes. The fail-safe brakes are used on drum. Due to the limited installation space, the customer chose. flanges with a diameter of ø3930 mm (154 3/4in). The weight. Dellner Brakes’ Single Acting brake calipers. of the bare winch drum is 18 tonnes (19.8 st) and the wire. weighs 24
  • Medical Device Link .
    of design and controls. There are examples in other industries where double-redundant and fail-safe design has been introduced as a regular manufacturing component. Examples include dual-brake circuitry on cars, dual-control systems on aircraft, and perhaps the simplest case of all the backup parachute
  • Recent Special Applications
    . ___________________________________________________________________________________ Silent Stop Failsafe Brake for medical devices, with a compact pancake design for use with artificial limbs: Provides silent operation during engagement and slipping phases. Diameter 1.8 in.; length 0.47 in. Torque 18 oz. in. Low-power
  • Reliable High-performance Remote Monitoring Solutions for Rolling Stock Applications
    Enhancing passenger comfort and maximizing passenger security are two key elements for next generation trains. A reliable high-performance integrated rolling stock application that provides non-stop surveillance and communication offers fail-safe passenger safety and comfort. The prerequisites
  • Safety Critical Protection Systems: Implementing Pressure Sensor Signal Redundancy to Lower Costs
    that machine control systems used in utility vehicles including cranes, lifting platforms and fork-lift trucks perform with precision, accuracy, and most importantly reliability. 'Failsafe' is the keyword that drives system designers to be ever more creative. System redundancy is a design concept that helps
  • Spring Return Electric Actuators Meet Fire Standards for Tunnels
    such a fire inside the structure, electric motor operated dampers in the ventilation system can act to suppress spreading of the fire as well as to clear smoke from the structure. Most motorized actuators that operate these dampers are required to be "failsafe", where they are equipped
  • How to Select and Install Air Bearing Stages (.pdf)
     ranges. that are too large for traditional wedge-style Z stages (e.g.,. 50 mm) . An unobstructed view of the work plane is desired . Footprint must be kept to a minimum . A failsafe brake is required . Motors and Drives. Included with the AirLift 115 series stages are Aerotech’s BMS. series brushless
  • 2002 Lincoln Navigator -- What a beast
    of the Navigator's power and size makes you feel like you can drive through (or over) anything. Driving my daughter to school one morning, I encountered an extremely slow driver in a compact car, and she shouted out, "You'd better move it buster, or we're gonna drive right over you. " Another plus is a fail-safe

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