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  • Failure Mode Analysis of Medical Resection Loops Using Thermal Imaging
    thermal imaging was used to determine and predict the failure mode of electrosurgical resection loops powered by radio frequency (RF) energy. These loops are commonly used to remove, resect or ablate (remove or cut away) soft tissue. Applications include resection of enlarged prostate glands
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
    What could go wrong. Electronic engineers often use FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) in the design process as a discipline to meet quality standards for regulatory or customer requirements. At Stilwell Baker, we think FMEA also has a place in the product development process-even when
  • Lubricant Failure = Bearing Failure
    Bearings rarely wear out, yet they do fail. Careful analysis of bearing condition and failure modes can provide insight into the causes of failure and how to correct them. In most cases, lubrication plays a role in bearing failure. Bearing Lubricant Failure | Locate Service Centers
  • Failure Analysis: Oil Field Case Study
    In this case we will examine a failure analysis for a customer involved in the very active oilfield drilling and hydraulic fracturing industry. Being a fastener in this industry is tough rigorous duty. In this case our failure analysis engineers were provided with eight fractured stud bolts
  • Bearing Failure Detection (.pdf)
    and bearing manufacturers should be consulted for additional information on the subject. 10-05-08 Quick Primer- BEARING FAILURE DETECTION with METRICS A PRIMER ON. USING VIBRATION ANALYSIS. TO DETECT ROLLING ELEMENT. BEARING FAILURES. JOHN E. JUDD. DMC-CT Dynamic Measurement Consultants, LLc
  • Failure Analysis: Excessive Tensile Loading Can Result in Necking, Thread Spreading and Ductile Overload Failure
    other documents. It should be noted that little or no information concerning the failure was provided including operating temperatures, operating conditions and stresses, total number of bolt failures, etc. Summary of Failure Analysis. Visual Examination. The bolts were examined both visually
  • Battery Failure Prediction (.pdf)
    that storage battery failures cause more down time and service calls on emergency power systems than any other component. How can users be sure that their last line of defense, the backup battery, is sufficiently healthy to carry the intended load?. Microsoft Word - SKYLANDS.DOC. BATTERY FAILURE PREDICTION
  • Fastener Failure Analysis: Automotive Hex Head Cap Screw Case
    In this issue we will examine a case study displaying failure for a client that chose an "abbreviated analysis" based on a limited pre-designated scope of testing. In this case the client company was conducting their own failure analysis but desired an outside expert to serve in a supporting
  • Medical Device Link . Medical Plastics Failures from Heterogeneous Contamination
    for this effort. Besides cosmetic defects, another class of failures that originate from heterogeneous contamination involves inclusions in device components. If the inclusion is of a different modulus from the matrix material, it can act as a stress concentrator and cause premature mechanical failure

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