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  • Seven laws of blower application
    Brushless dc blowers offer variable-speed output for a wide range of vacuum or pressure applications. In standard blower designs, brushless dc motors couple to high-efficiency fan systems in a compact, cost-effective package. Manufacturers offer a variety of standard blowers that accept low
  • Cooling System Design Tips
    Application and Design Information: Air Flow, Distribution and System Pressure How many Fans Fan/Blower Size And much more.
  • The Proper Kind Of DC Brushless Motor Controller
    When making a DC brushless motor controller choice, there are several issues that have to be addressed so that the proper device is selected for a system. If the application is a simple fan or blower, a rather simple speed controller with just an over-current limit is all that may be necessary
  • Airflow Switch Test
    The airflow switch's function is to monitor the blower fans to prove they are in operation. For example, to test the recirculation blower fan's airflow switch:
  • Flux-vector drive keeps laser cool
    Visible on this exploded view of the NanoLith 7000 blower assembly are the dual dc motors and MTS Sensorless Drive-Blok controllers. The power system drives a cross-flow blower fan approximately 28 in. long with a 5 in. diameter. The blower speed can't deviate more than +-5 rpm when running
  • Computer Power User Article - Same Old Spin
    behind it. Plug it into a molex connector (it doesn t use a motherboard fan socket) and you can set the speed of both fans courtesy of a dial just above the exhaust grille on the backplate. I cranked it up to just below its maximum output 4,000rpm for the fan and 3,500 for the blower, with 30 CFM and 6
  • Infrared Imaging and Log Construction Thermal Performance
    structures. In addition, this paper will discuss the utilization of infrared imaging for mapping air leakage or infiltration when used in conjunction with blower door / fan pressurization testing. Under the International Residential Code (IRC), the International Energy Conservation Code and American
  • Proper Selection of Pressure Blowers
    In general terms, a pressure blower provides relatively high pressure at low volume when compared to other types of centrifugal fans. For purposes of this letter, fans with volumes. to 10,000 CFM with pressures to 80" WG are considered pressure blowers. Typical applications require constant
  • MICRO:January 1998:Product Technology News
    combines all the features of a fan-powered filter module with a totally self-contained air conditioner. The unit fits into a standard 2 x 4-ft T-bar ceiling and contains all components in one package, including filter, blower, cooling coil, cooling fan, condenser coil, compressor, refrigerant
  • Go Green with Thermal Imaging (.pdf)
    leaks, roof leaks etc.) and when used in conjunction with other tools like a Door-Fan, also known as a Blower door, you can't help but see where all that wasted energy is going. It is our intent, with this paper, to show you the many ways you can help your clients "Go Green with Thermal Imaging".

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