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  • Fan Design

    The following discussion describes the basic considerations in efficient axial flow fan design and illustrates features that will assist the reader in recognizing well-designed units. One of the most important requirements of a fan wheel is that is must impart to the air stream a uniform velocity

  • Redundant Fan Systems Using the TC647 Fan Manager

    Certain applications, such as file servers, require redundant cooling fans to ensure uninterrupted system service, even with cooling fan malfunctions present. Typically, such systems have a primary fan to cool the system, and one or more standby fans that automatically are placed in service should

  • Intelligent Fan Control

    This application note describes the creation of an intelligent 4-wire fan.

  • Understanding Fan Performance Curves

    One of the most important documents customers request from fan manufacturers is performance curves. In addition to graphically depicting the basic fan performance data of CFM, RPM, and SP (on the static pressue curve) and BHP (on the brake horsepower curve), these curves also illustrate

  • Simple Fan Control Solution

    Ambient Temperature-Controlled Fan On/Off Switch - the TC620 logic output temperature sensor can work as a local thermostat, turning the cooling fan on and off when the ambient temperature levels exceeded threshold values. The programmable temperature threshold and hysteresis values make it easy

  • An Introduction to Fan Acoustics

    Fan Acoustics is an important consideration in the industrial environment and with commercial ventilation systems. The sound generated by some fans can be a potential hazard to. personnel in close proximity to the fan, and the sound can be transmitted, via the ductwork connected to the fan, to all

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  • Re: Wiring Diagram of an Exhaust Fan

    Single phase or 3 phase? In what country is the roof located?

  • Re: Wiring Diagram of an Exhaust Fan

    OK. Is the timer a delay-start or a delay-stop?

  • Wiring Diagram of an Exhaust Fan

    Folks, need help with Wiring diagram for roof exhaust fan with TIMER. Thanks in advance.

  • Re: 2002 Mini Cooper

    Thanks. i am taking the challenge, best i have come up with so far is this link, i will post it here for all untill i find somthing else. i will come back to it soon and try to find the exact location for you. http://www.bmw-planet.com/diagrams/release/en/r50/index.htm Below take from this...

  • Re: Refresh My Knowledge - Wiring Diagram

    Why start a new thread when this one's Wiring Diagram of an Exhaust Fan still working? Just answer the questions there.

  • Re: Air Conditioner Tripping

    Check operation of condenser fan motor, compressor winding, condition of coils, capacitors and control wire diagrams with the as stance of trained a.c mechanic.

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    First let me self-expose a bias: I'm a rail fan. Maybe not as big a rail fan as this guy, but a rail fan nonetheless. It began in the days when I was a young kid and my mom would take me to the rail yard to see locomotives idle down, detach cars or push rolling stock over the hump. It continues

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  • Software & Programing Cable of PILZ Make PLC, Model - PSS 3047 3

    Dear Experts I am having a Pilz make PLC in my machine, Model - PSS 3047 3, i need your help for downloading the Pilz Software & Its Programing cable (connector diagram) for communication (i can make/solder by my own after getting connector diagram) And the same for SIEMENS make PLC, Mod

  • Solubility Phase Diagram of the Ca(NO3)2-Mg(NO3)2?H2O System

    Journal of Chemical & Engineering DataDOI: 10.1021/je500629s

  • Study reveals missing boundary in PZT phase diagram

    (Phys.org) -Piezoelectric materials, which produce electricity in response to mechanical stress, account for a $12 billion global industry that is projected to grow at a rate of 13.2% per year, according to a recent report by Innovative Research and Products. And yet the origins of the widely applicable piezoelectric properties of one of the most common piezoelectric materials are not fully understood. This lack of understanding is due to the complex nature of the material''s underlying crystal structure, which is responsible for its physical properties.

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New York Blower Company (The)
Duct Fan

New York Blower Duct Fans are designed and constructed for low pressure ventilating and industrial exhaust applications requiring the compactness of an axial fan. In applications where equipment space is at a premium, the compact flow-through design of the Duct Fan can reduce system space requirements by more than 50% over conventional centrifugal fans. The straight, in-line design eliminates the need for costly, space-consuming transitions, elbows, and inlet boxes. Nyb Duct Fans are licensed...

New York Blower Company (The)
Square Fan

Square fans come in three backward inclined wheel designs: airfoil, curved blade, and single thickness. They are ideally suited for a wide range of clean-air applications requiring a tight footprint. Typical uses include pneumatic conveying, product drying, product cooling, supply air, and exhaust on the clean-air side of dust collection systems. AMCA Certified. DESIGN FEATURES. · CAPACITIES TO 29,000 CFM. · TEMPERATURES TO 180 º F. · PRESSURES TO 22" WG

New York Blower Company (The)
Junior Fan

Junior Fans are self-contained units of small and medium capacities for ventilation and process-air applications. Their small package design provides for east low-cost installation. They are available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation in any of seven discharge positions. The forward-curve wheels are available in five wheel diameters. The New York Blower Junior fans are AMCA certified. DESIGN FEATURES. CAPACITIES- Range from 160 to 4,600 CFM. PRESSURES- to 2.5" WG. TEMPERATURES- to 450...