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    Valve Actuators - (887 companies)
    ...of energy to the actuator. Fast-acting actuators are best used when a system must be quickly isolated or opened. Fast action is provided by hydraulic, pneumatic, and solenoid actuators. The speed of actuation is set by installing the correct orifice... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pneumatic Valve Actuators - (438 companies)
    Actuator Specifications. Important specifications for pneumatic valve actuators include: Pneumatic actuator for valves and dampers. Video Credit: ictraining. Actuation time- The time it takes to fully close the linear motion valve. Acting type... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Solenoid Valves - (994 companies)
    ...single-acting actuators, such as diaphragm actuators. They are designed to only send air to one chamber of an actuator. Three way solenoids are used to interrupt or override an instrument signal for double-acting actuators with a pneumatic positioner... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Damper Actuators - (50 companies) the nominal voltage supplied to motor of the damper actuator. Operating temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius and indicates the full required range of ambient temperatures for damper actuators. Damper actuators carry... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electric Rotary Actuators - (182 companies)
    ...height or thickness does not include the actuator body. With some electric rotary actuators, the angle can be adjusted via screws or other stop adjustments. With other devices, the angle can be adjusted on both ends of the angular stroke. Special... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electric Valve Actuators - (416 companies)
    How to Select Electric Valve Actuators. Electric actuator. Remote operation actuation. Rotary valve actuator. Image Credit: Samson | Elliott Manufacturing | Amstrong. Electric valve actuators mount on valves which, in response to a signal... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Linear Actuators - (736 companies)
    Electric linear actuators have an output rod that provides linear motion via a motor driven ball screw, lead screw, or ACME screw assembly. The actuator's load is attached to the end of a screw or rod and is often unsupported. How to Select Linear... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Speed Controls - (68 companies)
    The stroke is the difference between fully extended and fully compressed position, this is also referred to as the rod travel. The maximum force refers to the maximum rated force for shock absorber or damper. The cylinder diameter is the desired... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electric Brakes - (215 companies)
    Hillard Electomagnetic particle brake. Image Credit: Merobel. Electric brakes are actuator devices that use an electrical current or magnetic actuating force to slow or stop the motion of a rotating component. They are used in industrial and vehicular... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electrohydraulic Valve Actuators and Hydraulic Valve Actuators - (147 companies)
    ...valve actuators will have direct (clockwise) actuator action or reverse (counterclockwise). Overtorque protection - The actuator uses a torque sensor to "switch off" electric motor when safe torque level is exceeded. Local position indication - Local... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, 2/e > AIR SYSTEMS: MINIMUM VENTILATION AND VAV SYSTEM CONTROLS
    • Avery (1992) noted that interaction problems may occur because the stroke speeds of the valve actuator or damper actuator may be different, or the sensor response times may not be the same for system components from different manufacturers. • Control loop interaction between pneumatic operated VAV boxes and the electric inlet vane actuators of the supply fan can be serious as the slow... ...actuator cannot keep pace with the changes in duct static pressure caused by fast - acting pneumatic actuators.
  • Development of an Electro-Hydraulic Camless VVA System
    Three main sections can be highlighted: 1. the feeding system comprises an electric pump, a first pressure regulator (the... ...controls the supply pressure to the actuator and a damper (the gas accumulator, GA... ...pressure pulsations during the fast opening and closing events. 2. the pilot stage comprises a fast acting electrical three way / two position valve, normally closed...
  • Author index with titles
    ...B 712 Chern J C: see Lin Y B 784 Choi B-J, Lee Y-J and Choi B-Y: Fast Preisach modeling method for shape memory alloy actuators using major hysteresis loops... ...Development of an electrorheological active buffer for railway vehicles—estimation... ...Y: see Liu G R 1438 DeGiorgi V G: see Qidwai M A 134 dell’Isola F, Maurini C and Porfiri M: Passive damping of beam vibrations through distributed electric networks and piezoelectric transducers... ...hysteresis phenomenon of magnetorheological dampers 1351 Du H J...
  • 70-6926 - Commercial Components Dealer Catalog
    ...Pur- pose - 3 Pole 452 Economy DP-Series Definite Purpose - 2 Pole 453 Electric Heat 453 Order... D Damper Actuators 30–70, 110 Accessories 63–70 Compatibility Chart 63 Crankarms 67 Economizer 78 Accessories 79 Adapters 79 Enclosures 68 Fast - acting Spring return 56–61 Fire and Smoke 56–61 Non-Spring return 42–55 Pneumatic 369–382 Accessories 380 High Velocity Mixing Boxes 376...
  • Handbook of Vehicle Suspension Control Systems
    Electro-rheological dampers are characterized by a fast response to an electric field, while magneto-rheological dampers are characterized by high yield strength and stable behavior over wide temperature range. Active suspension systems – these systems comprise passive components (conventional springs and dampers) and active components ( actuators ).
  • 2010-2011 Environmental and Combustion Controls Product Catalog
    ...Thermostats 788 Cross Reference Commercial Thermostats 530–531 Commercial Thermostats-Sensors 532 CP980 791 Electric Heat Sequencer 169... Damper Actuators 359, 473–474 Accessories 427–436 Compatibility Chart 428 Fast Acting 405–408, 421–426 Fire and Smoke applications 421–426 Non-Spring Return 409–420 Pneuma ic 823–835 Accessories 834–835 Large dampers 831 Medium dampers 827, 831 Proportional Control 825–833 Replacement Parts 834–835 Small dampers...
  • Author index with titles
    ...of an unbalanced rigid rotor flexibly supported and damped by short magnetorheological squeeze film dampers 105011 Zavattieri P D... ...and Jiang C: Magnetostrictive actuators with large displacement and fast response 055014 Zhang H... ...the numerical analysis of active response characterization of 3D... ...and Tsujita T: Electrorotation of novel electroactive polymer composites in uniform DC and AC electric fields 065022 .
  • ZCP2006SMST455
    Category 2, i.e. high power actuators, intersect hydraulic and pneumatic actuators (today, most power actuators are hydraulic) but is... ...the technological area of electric or magneticrheologic fluids which, as regards semi- active systems such as dampers , may represent a valid... ...field of engine injection for example, various component makers are engaged in developing faster high pressure injectors...
    ...Metal Brush Material for Electrical Machinery Systems 629 Load Bearing Connective Damper 357 Load Limit System for Mechanical Linear Actuator 97 Load Transporting Modular... ...Material and Method for Fast Generation of Hydrogen Gas... ...516 Mechanical Shielding for Electric Primer 712 Mechanism for... Soluble Biologically Active Chemical Agents Released from a Surface 538 Metal Alloy and Method of Preparation Thereof...
  • A Flemion-based actuator with ionic liquid as solvent
    15 310–3 [4] Madden J D, Cush R A, Kanigan T S and Hunter I W 2000 Fast -contracting conducting polymer-based actuators Synth. Met. ...Furukawa T, Lovinger A J and Broadhurst M G 1982 Structural and di electric investigation on the... ...Shirai H and Hirai T 2000 Electrically induced rapid deformation of nonionic gels Chem. Lett. 5 500–1 [9] Sadeghipour K, Salomon R and Neogi S 1992 Development of a novel electrochemically active membrane and ‘smart’ material based vibration sensor/ damper Smart Mater.