Products/Services for Fast Acting Pancake Air Cylinders

  • Hydraulic Cylinders-Image
    Hydraulic Cylinders - (817 companies)
    ...used in high pressure applications. Image Credit: Hydraulic Ram Repair. For more information please read GlobalSpec's guide How to Select Air Cylinders. Operating Specifications. Video detailing operating specifications. Video Credit: AgriSupplyHowTo...
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  • Air Cylinders-Image
    Air Cylinders - (668 companies)
    Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder's chambers. They may be single-acting (with a spring return) or double-acting. Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators driven by pressure...
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  • Air Valves-Image
    Air Valves - (801 companies)
    Air valves allow metered fluid flow in one or both directions. They are used in pneumatic circuits to regulate the rate of activation or exhaust of cylinders and other pneumatic devices. Air valves allow metered flow of fluid in one or both...
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  • No Image Available
    Cylinder Repair Services - (68 companies) rebuilding and rebuilding one or more types of industrial cylinders. For example, pneumatic cylinder repair services specialize in the repair of air cylinders, pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder’s...
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  • Air Compressors-Image
    Air Compressors - (1193 companies)
    ...compressors use pistons to compress the contents of an air cylinder and force them into a storage tank. These piston-driven air compressors are designed for intermittent use. Rotary screw air compressors use twin screws instead of pistons to pressurize...
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  • No Image Available
    Air Cleaners - (287 companies)
    Air cleaners re-circulate, filter and purify air for process and environmental applications. Air Cleaners Information. Air cleaners or purifiers can be portable, table-top devices used in individual rooms or larger systems that require installation...
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  • No Image Available
    Air Springs - (55 companies)
    Bellow; Rolling Lobe Bellow. Air Spring Specifications. Installation. Though they have comparable capabilities, air springs are much cheaper than pneumatic cylinders and other springs. When deflated, air springs have a small footprint, making them...
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    Air Gages - (110 companies)
    Air gages use pneumatic pressure and flow to measure or sort dimensional attributes. Air Gauges Information. Air gauges use pneumatic pressure and flow to measure and sort dimensional attributes. They provide a high degree of speed and accuracy...
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    Air Handlers - (338 companies)
    Air handlers are a system-like device used in ventilating systems. They typically consist of a blower, heat exchange medium for heat or air conditioning, and housing. Air Handlers Information. Air handlers are a system-like device used...
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  • No Image Available
    Air Hose and Air Duct Hose - (506 companies)
    Air hose and air duct hose is used in pneumatic systems and controls, or as supply lines for pneumatic devices and tools. Air hose and air duct hose is used to transport compressed air, gases, or lightweight bulk solids in air. It is typically...
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  • CR4 - Thread: Types of Electric Drives
    In that design, the rotor fits inside a magnetically-soft cylinder that can serve as the housing … But because there is no metal mass in the rotor to act as a heat sink, even small coreless motors must often be cooled by forced air . These are the fast head positioners for rigid-disk ("hard disk") drives. [edit] Printed Armature or Pancake DC Motors .
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  • Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics: Theory and Practice
    … by the factor g (see footnote); the field-line pattern is changed from spherical to pancake -shaped. This contraction means that the field of the moving particle acts on the bound atomic electrons for … The increase in the maximum value of the impact parameter, bmax, discussed in the previous section, implies an increase in the volume of the cylinder around the path of the fast charged particle where energy transfers are possible. … megavoltage electron and photon beams as will become apparent when the water-to- air stopping-power ratio …

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