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  • Medical Device Link .
    equipment using embedded controllers is especially affected. Although embedded controllers usually have alarms, these systems are often troubled by ineffective fault-reporting subsystems. In addition, manufacturers designing equipment using embedded controllers may not have prior experience
  • Battery Impedance Monitoring...An Added Dimension (.pdf)
    of these. validation systems goes beyond reporting a failure but must include warning and alarm. capability for impending battery system failure. The following illustrates such a system and. highlights two examples of fault identification using battery validation equipment. For. discussion purposes, we
  • Asian Engine Cold Test (.pdf)
    handling had significance due to the need to archive a large quantity of engine test data allowing SPC and trending analysis reporting. ./917d1e44-988a-4da0-b1ba-2e01e4ad95bc. phone: +1 937 586 5500 fax +1 937 222 2931 Web: Asian Engine Cold Test. A global power train
  • Secure Power with Next Generation SPDUs (.pdf)
    . It also creates one of the greatest sources of heat in an aircraft cockpit. Enter SSPCs. Features in the Next-Generation SSPCs. Traditional circuit breakers are not designed. Key Features. Reporting. to be computer controlled. One answer,. ➤ Low voltage drop and power. ➤ Switch status (on, off
  • Redundant Fan Systems Using the TC647 Fan Manager
    redundant. causing Q2 to pull the VMIN2 node of Unit 2 low. This. cooling, temperature proportional fan speed control. causes the TC647 in Unit 2 to be in shutdown mode. and fan fault reporting capability. +12V. +12V. +. +. BDC Fan 1. BDC Fan 2. V. FAN. DD. 12V/100 mA. V. FAN. DD. 12V/100 mA. –. –. 1. 8
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for Achieving Consumer Packaging Excellence (.pdf)
    in Practice: An effectively deployed OEE tracking and reporting solution. Critical features and capabilities. allows a business to track and monitor production and business-. driven key performance indicators (KPIs). Utilizing automatical y. Correlates disparate types of data. collected data
  • Combination of Sensing Techniques Checks Laser Weld Quality
    ) Reporting on Cancer (a reporter's guide to the disease) Science Communications Staff Who we are and what we do. (Last updated 6/27/99) 6/28/99 COMBINATION OF SENSING TECHNIQUES CHECKS LASER WELD QUALITY COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A trio of sensing techniques combine to form a single, reliable
  • The latest developments in camera event capturing
    for complete reporting. With a typical payback of less than six (6) months, it is expected that in the next five years the use of this technology will grow rapidly to ensure maximum paper machine efficiency, production and paper quality is maintained. REFERENCES 1. Dewitte, Jesse A, et al, "Video