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  • Finite Element Analysis Software-Image
    Finite Element Analysis Software - (88 companies)
    Finite element analysis software (FEA) uses a numerical technique to model and analyze complex structures by solving boundary-value problems. The structure to be analyzed is divided into points (elements) that make a grid called a mesh. Finite... Learn More
  • Engineering Analysis Software-Image
    Engineering Analysis Software - (661 companies)
    Engineering analysis software is designed to model, analyze, and predict responses and interactions for applications such as materials, structures, chemical and biological processes, electronic system performance, etc. Engineering analysis software... Learn More
  • Structural Component Fabrication Services-Image
    Structural Component Fabrication Services - (834 companies)
    How Structural Components Are Made. Many suppliers use computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and finite element analysis (FEA) software to design and build structural components. The manufacturing methods that are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Mesh Generators - (8 companies)
    Mesh generators are software systems that generate a mesh in order to simulate a geometric field. They use various algorithms such as the finite element method (FEM). Mesh generation software divides the area under study into grid points... Learn More
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services-Image
    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services - (1689 companies) is used to sequence processes on a variety of machines, milling and turning equipment, integrated circuit design systems, and other mechanical engineering applications. Capabilities. The software capability section distinguishes between... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Mechanical Engineering Services - (797 companies)
    ...and robotics. Fastener design services also use CAD software, but to design hardware such as bolts and screws. Composite structure design services specialize in the development of advanced composites and other engineered materials. Gear design services... Learn More
  • Accounting Software - (91 companies)
    Accounting Software is software that records and processes accounting transactions. Accounting Software Information. Accounting software is application software that records and processes accounting transactions. Accounting software usually includes... Learn More
  • Construction Software - (62 companies)
    Construction software is used by architects, home builders, civil engineers, real estate developers, and contractors to manage and monitor building and construction projects. PC-based applications are designed for use on personal computers (PCs... Learn More
  • Drawing Software - (25 companies)
    Drawing software aids in creating illustrations using vectors and/or rasters in two or three dimensions; illustrations are often represented as charts, diagrams, graphs, and images. This type of software also includes drafts of technical drawings... Learn More
  • Purchasing Software - (22 companies)
    Purchasing Software Information. Purchasing software is used to manage the acquisition of products and services. Many applications are modular and scalable, and may support business functions ranging from the creation of requests to the approval... Learn More
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...rail standard still being written specifies using finite-element analysis to verify that designs are structurally sound and crashworthy. Starlinger's team used Abaqus FEA software from , Pawtucket, R.I., to simulate designs in collisions before actual collision tests. The goal was to verify...

...a load (battery) and a 3-phase bridge regulator for the generator. The example presented demonstrates the utility of an integrated design process. Comparisons are made between an FEA based machine model and an analytic approximation, a simple example of the utility of such mechatronic simulations...

In particular, she was impressed by the software s sophisticated meshing capabilities. Automatic hex-meshing is especially useful, she adds, when dealing with bone models that are awkward to mesh by hand. Predicting Failure. Most of the study relied on the use of conventional FEA. Partner companies provided...

...engineers to move past ubiquitous static analysis and into the realm of analyses that more accurately model product behavior. Vibration analysis, often called dynamic analysis, is one area where FEA technology is on the move. * Modal analysis in FEA software finds the resonant frequencies...

Losses. To optimize the design during fine tuning all sources of losses must be taken into account. These include friction, windage, stray, core and ohmic losses for typical electric machines. MotorSolve, as an FEA based simulation software, takes into account each of these losses in calculating machine...

...material selection. All the software programs for part design, mold design, mold filling, and finite element analysis assume the selected resin is sufficient to fulfill all requirements for the application. Critical Timing. Material selection affects a number of product-specific characteristics...

). Alibre (1). Alibre Acquisition (1). Alibre CAD (1). Analysis of ECO Manager software (1). Announcements (1). Assembly Modeling Direct CAD (1). CAD (4). CAD Analysis (1). CAD comparison (2). CAD Comparison Software (1). CAD data reuse (1). CAD design contest (1). CAD FEA (1). CAD files (2). CAD...

Aviation & Aerospace. Aviation & Aerospace introduction. Aviation. Space. Key Applications Overview. Energy & Other Industries. Energy. Other Industries. Key Applications Overview. Products. Testing. Testing solutions. Software platform. Data acquisition systems. Mechatronic System Simulation. LMS...

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Computer-aided engineering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the broad usage of computer software to aid in engineering tasks.[1[2[3 It includes computer-aided design

Abaqus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Abaqus FEA[6[7 (formerly ABAQUS) is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering, originally released in 1978.

Unified FEA saves on back-and-forth of windshield wiper design
Abaqus Unified FEA allowed them to analyze every aspect of the characteristics they were interested in studying within a single software package.
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ABAQUS: ABAQUS FEA Solver SolidWorks 3D CAD products ANSYS: ANSYS Software Suite PTC: Creo Parametric (Pro/ENGINEER)

PIC16F87X Data Sheet
PORTB can be software programmed for internal weak pull-up on all inputs.

Fontlab Typographic Tools - font editors and converters
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P a r t n e r C a s e s t u d y Ford Motor Company L i t t L e...
? Sigmund software helps Ford analyze tol- To understand the problems that variation can present, one must remember that erance and assembly builds
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Productivity and Return on Investment from SolidWorks? 3D CAD...
Productivity and Return on Investment from SolidWorks? 3D CAD Software Report prepared for: SolidWorks Corporation August 2006 Prepared by: Elizabeth
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World Leader in p-FEA structural and strength analysis...

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Javelin Technologies Canadian VAR for SolidWorks 3D CAD,...
Software By Brand DS SolidWorks Software DraftSight 2D CAD Software Aras Enterprise PLM
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CST - Computer Simulation Technology
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp.
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp.
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp.
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