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  • Natural Rubber/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber Blend Membranes: Vapor Permeation Properties
    Keywords: Compatibilizer, Membranes, Natural rubber, Permeability , Polymers, Polymer blends, Vapor permeation Received: May 24, 2009; revised: September � � con- ducted vapor permeation experiments with aqueous 2-propa- nol solutions through gelatin/ torlon poly (amide imide � Marais et al. [17] investigated the transport features of water vapor and gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide �
  • JOLT: a highly directive, very intensive, impulse-like radiator
    The KEL-F insert was chosen because of its low permeability for hydrogen and its resistance to � � transformer is one of the key components of JOLT, and the general design features of this pulse � The switch is composed of copper�tungsten elec- trodes with a coaxial Torlon pressure containment housing of length �
  • Applied Significance of Polyimides
    It was found [110, 111] that the permeability of polyimide membranes to water vapor is a factor � These composites surpass in a number of strength parameters such thermoplastic polymers as Torlon , Ultem, LARC-TPI � Studies of the features of polyimide carbonization [65, 66, 141, 1523158] made it possible to develop, test �
  • Modeling and optimization of gas transport characteristics of carbon molecular sieve membranes through statistical analysis
    Investigations on CMSs have revealed the promising fea- tures and high performance of these membranes for speci- alized gas separation applications [1, 6, 7]. � planar molecules, very good heat and corrosion resistance and capability to surpass the permeability �selectivity trade-off � � the main component of blend mem- branes with three other polymers namely Matrimid, Torlon and P84 that �
  • Gas Separation Performance of Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes Based on 6FDA?mPDA/DABA (3:2) Polyimide
    � showed a CO2/CH4 selectivity of 57, which is comparable to that of the Torlon membrane of approximately � � uncross-linked 6FDA-DAM/DABA (3:2) mem- brane of approximately 34.[12] The permeability of all measured � Sys- temic investigations of this feature were performed with the 6FDA-DAM/DABA (3:2) membrane.[12] Given �
  • Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology, 3 Volume Set
    � Matrimid PI hollow fiber membrane, annealed at 260 ? C for 5 h Torlon � PI hollow � � that the ionization of PAA to an alkali metal salt form simultaneously enhances permeability and selectivity (169 � Furthermore, the stabilizing feature of carrageenan is also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, for example �
  • Gas Separation Membranes
    The best O2/N2 perm- selectivity achieved was much higher than the intrinsic value of Torlon � 4000TF The gas permeabilities of the cross-linked 6FDA-durene dense films are summarized in Table 3.12. They contain the subunit aryl-SO2-aryl, the defining feature of which is the sulfone group.
  • Plastics
    � materials 815 production residues 1008 production interruptions 741, 744, 751, 753 1122 product characteristics hard 243 extruded � � content 442 saturation time 636 sauerkraut masses 1084 oxygen 149, 352, 850 oxygen- permeability 410 oxygen barrier � � titanium halides 120 titanium tetrachloride elastomers Volatile Indicator 739 tone furniture materials 1084 Torlon range 1009 torsional �
  • Plastics
    � 285 Toraylina (Toray Plastics America / IR) 983 Torayxa (Toray Ind./JP) 746 Torlon (Amoco Performance Products � � styrene / acrylic ester-grafting copolymers (ASA) 491 acrylonitrile-copolymers with low gas permeability (- plastics) 514 acrylonitrile � Main features of plastics 5 thermosets 8 elastomers 6, 8 Thermoelaste 6 thermal synthetics 5, 8 ThermoPlastic �
  • Industrial Chemical Thesaurus
    � 1006; Thermocomp� LCL-4033 �[Sabic Innovative Plastics]; Torlon � 7330 � � � filler in food-contact rubber articles for repeated use (channel or furnace process) Features : Conductive Regulatory: Banned � @ break) 150-200%; relatively inert; low gas permeability Toxicology: LD50 (oral, rat) > 9200 mg/kg; LD (skin �
  • Polymer Blends Handbook
    � of the oxygen permeating into the PET bottles, resulting in near-zero O2 permeability for a considerable � A common structural feature of all these high-temperature polymers is their essen- tially all aromatic backbone � Torlon � , Amoco) molding compounds are often mixed with ca.
  • Principals of the Manufacturing of Composites Materials
    Hence very small features may be molded into advanced composite parts without damaging the fibers. Small permeability values. Torlon (thermoplastic .
  • Polymer Blends Handbook
    Oxygen permeability and water vapor transmission rate (WVT) behavior of PA-6/Amorphous PA-6I/6T blends at 95% � � polymers, to take advantage of its high performance properties and yet combine some useful melt processability features . High performance polyimides (Vespel�, Dupont) and polyamide-imide ( Torlon �, Amoco) molding compounds are often mixed with �
  • A study of steam injection in fractured media
    One common feature of all the cases with finite insulation thicknesses is that it takes nearly three � � bolts (as indicated by the bolt holes in Fig. 5.3) made of Torlon are used to � Porosity and permeability of the Boise core were measured in the laboratory by using differing methods.
  • Composites for Automotive, Truck and Mass Transit: Materials, Design, Manufacturing
    � resin through thin (where transverse permeability is neglected) and thick sections (where transverse permeability is considered) (Laurent � A desirable feature of a RRIM system is to be ELPO-capable. TORLON .