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  • Vacuum Assist Feed Systems For Roll Compactors
    Problem: Extremely fine and low weight materials present difficulties in feeding to compaction rolls in a typical roll press. In the most severe cases, densification is not possible. In other cases, the capacity of a given machine is limited, typically to a fraction of what would normally
  • Classification of Pellets and Crumbles in the Production of Animal Feed
    are produced by breaking pellets in roll mills giving a dense product. Pellets and crumbles are formed closed circuit with Kason Separators to assure a final product free of oversize and fines. Most frequently pellets and crumbles are produced at different times.
  • "Scalping" of Coal Slag in the Manufacture of Roofing Granules
    to produce -3/8" feed to a Kason classification plant that removes needle shaped particles and delivers final granules of required size.
  • Indexing
    Indexing is a type of application where a motor moves a load for a pre-defined distance, decelerates to rest, pauses for some defined interval, and repeats this motion cycle. Common applications for indexing are conveyors, rotary tables, and feed-to-length rolls. Common industries for indexing
  • Synchronizing
    be unusable. For these and other reasons, electronic control systems are increasingly used to provide perfect synchronization between the master motor and remote rollers. Feed-forward control is a well-known means of providing such behavior. Here, a preprogrammed feed-forward signal is applied
  • Thermal spray: Better performance for less
    the intense conditions required of aircraft engines and landing gear. In the steel industry, processing-line rolls are prone to wear and dross development that shortens their work life. Conditions on galvanizing lines are the harshest -- sheets feed through pots of molten zinc at around 850 F. Here
  • Flexible circuit helps shed light on optical inspection line
    circuit film called R/flex 2005 was selected. Now, the operators simply roll the flexible circuit over the panel surface, feed the diode leads through die-cut holes, then solder the leads to circuit traces. Thinner films reportedly ripped during this procedure, but the R/flex 2005 from Rogers Corp
  • Banging out balls
    machines that rely solely on pure mechanical systems for motion. Balls feed into the machine on a track and split into three rows. A pair of air-operated gates capture three balls, one in each row. When the front gate rises, the balls roll into three orientation cups. A rotating plate in the bottom

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