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  • Guide to British Standard Pipe Threads
    have a constant diameter. These two types of threads can be used to achieve two types of joints: Joining threads joints: A taper male thread is used, in conjunction with either a taper or parallel female thread. The combination creates a pressure-tight joint. Longscrew thread joints: In this case
  • World Area Differences: Porting & Threads, Cleaning Procedures, Conversion Tables
    . thread types that has been adopted internationally for interconnecting and sealing pipe. ends by mating an external (male) with an internal (female) thread. Commonly used are BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel) threads, which are straight. (parallel) threads. They are used where the seal
  • Domestic and International Railway Manufacturers Combat Stress and Vibration with Innovative Fastener Thread Form
    and vibration. The Spiralock thread form is a 30º “wedge” ramp cut. at the root of the female thread. Under clamp load,. the crests of the threads on any standard male bolt are. drawn tightly against the wedge ramp. This not only. eliminates sideways motion that causes vibrational. loosening but also
  • Aerospace Industry Turns to Innovative Fastener Thread to Keep the Mission from Falling Apart
    due to thermal expansion. and contraction. The unique thread form, offered by Madison. Heights, Mich.-based Spiralock Corp., is a 30º. Photoelastic comparison of Spiralock’s 30º wedge ramp. “wedge” ramp cut at the root of the female thread—. (right) shows distributed threaded joint’s load throughout
  • Innovative Fastener Thread Form Can Take the Heat and Vibration of Diesel Engines
    in mounting a turbocharger to the exhaust. the clamp load on the first and second engaged thread,. manifold in a heavy truck model, it rigorously tested. permitting subsequent male threads to “float” within. the Spiralock thread form. the female threads. Testing has found the first two. “During
  • New Test Data Offers Resolution for Toughest Engineering Challenges
    Laboratory, and British Aerospace, as well as at noted corporations such as Mack Truck and Dana Corporation. With the standard 60 degree thread form, the gap between the crest of the male and female threads can lead to vibration-induced thread loosening. Stress concentration and fatigue risk at the first
  • Clevises - Individual and Multi-Purpose
    with a whole assortment of different clevises. These include specially designed parts that can be used to achieve high savings or which meet very special safety requirements. In addition to standard clevises, there are also clevises with male threads. These can be used wherever only female threads
  • From Medical Equipment to Implants, Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability
    and complexity with less. than desired locking ability. Lumenis chose Spiralock self-locking fasteners. What makes Spiralock unique is a 30º “wedge” ramp cut at the root of the female thread. (while traditional fasteners use a 60º thread). Under clamp load, the crests of the threads on. any standard