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Parts by Number for Ferries Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SELF10MH ASAP Semiconductor FERRY INDUCTOR Not Provided Not Provided

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  • NorthLink Ferries
    the ferry operates in one propeller mode. ./adf64df9-168f-4483-a9a8-e5b3ae9e1fcc CASE STORY. NORTHLINK FERRIES. M/S Hjaltland 1/8 2002 (large picture) and M/S Hrossey 13/9 2002 (small picure). Photo: Marko Hänninen. The photos are downloaded from Micke Askelander´s collection on
  • Archipelago ferries, Waxholm
    , the reliability of the power transmission components increased dramatically. ./57db5147-8ed7-4537-b37d-025622126b59 CASE STORY. ARCHIPELAGO FERRIES. CUSTOMER. Waxholms Ångfartygs AB, Sweden. BACKGROUND. APPLICATION. These five passenger ferries were delivered between. Each propeller shaft now has
  • Catamaran Ferry 2, Stena Line
    to approximately 90 bar (1,300 psi) hydraulic pressure. Together the eight brakes produce a total torque of 153 kNm (1,354,000 lbf-in). ./727c2214-64fd-45e2-bef6-8a30ca71b8a8 CASE STORY. CATAMARAN FERRY II. CUSTOMER. Stena Rederi AB, Sweden. BACKGROUND. APPLICATION. The catamaran HSS Carisma
  • Catamaran Ferry 1, Mols-Linjen
    to 91 bar (1,320 psi) of hydraulic pressure in the intensifier. With this pressure, the brakes provide 12600 Nm (111,500 lbf-in) of torque. Stopping time is less than two seconds. ./fa0828ca-b35d-493c-b36e-1e50b941262e CASE STORY. CATAMARAN FERRY I. CUSTOMER. The purpose of the brakes is to stop
  • Pedestrian Walkway: Delivering A Safe, Movable Ferry Bridge On-Time With Nook Ball Screw Jacks
    a daily ferry, which transports passengers and automobiles back and forth between Aberdeen and the Shetland Islands, and needed an adjustable pedestrian bridge that could be raised and lowered to connect with ferries at different tidal levels and provide passengers with a safe, enclosed means
  • Dover Harbour
    Emergency/parking brakes for hoisting winch drives on a ro-ro catamaran ferry bridge. The purpose of the brakes is to hold the bridge between the dock and catamaran ferry during car and truck loading. Two Dellner Brakes type SKP 4x120-138 spring applied, hydraulically released disc brakes operating
  • Case Study: Dove Harbour
    Emergency / parking brakes for hosting winch drives on a ro-ro catamaran ferry bridge.
  • Ship's Steering Gear Motor Problem Diagnosed Using IR Technology (.pdf)
    The Queen of Saanich Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry experienced a high temperature bearing problem with one of its main steering gear motors. IR analysis showed the non drive end thrust bearing as the source of the heat being generated. It was thought at the time that the bearing was in failure mode

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