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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
C351 ferrite sheet ASAP Semiconductor EPCOS Not Provided Not Provided
38M6050AA0606 Newark / element14 FAIR-RITE Not Provided FAIR-RITE - 38M6050AA0606 - FERRITE SHEET; PET FILM; 60MMX60MM
38M3010AA1212 Newark / element14 FAIR-RITE Not Provided FAIR-RITE - 38M3010AA1212 - FERRITE SHEET; PET FILM; 120MMX120MM
38M4050AA0606 Newark / element14 FAIR-RITE Not Provided FAIR-RITE - 38M4050AA0606 - FERRITE SHEET; PET FILM; 60MMX60MM
354001 Digi-Key Wurth Electronics Inc RF/IF and RFID WE-FSFS FERRITE SHEET 120X120X.1
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  • How To Select And Use Ferrite/Nanocrystalline
    done. Application Notes: How To Select And Use Ferrite/Nanocrystalline Common Mode Chokes : CWS Coil Winding Specialist, manufacturer of transformers, inductors, coils and chokes. Home. Log In. Call Today Toll Free: 1 (800) 377-3244. (We Are Available Monday to Friday From 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., Pacific Time
  • Medical Device Link .
    ferrite suppressors are available in 48 sizes and styles for round wires or bundles up to 1 in. diam. An internal spring-pressure system assures constant electromagnetic properties even in extreme cable positions. The suppressor attenuates RFI up to 1 GHz while allowing data signals to pass unimpeded
  • Magnetic Stripe
    ferrite. These materials are mixed with a resin to form a uniform slurry which is then coated onto a substrate. In the case of a credit card or similar application the slurry is usually coated onto a wide plastic sheet and dried. The coating is very thin and the plastic allows the coating to be handled
    ) market, for whichthere is currently no domestic production. Chinesedominance is further demonstrated by its produc-tion of over 85% of hard ferrite and 65% of Alnicoand SmCo (samarium cobalt) magnet materials.These facts are significant because magnet ma-terials are the backbone of manufacturing
  • Understanding Shrinkage and Warpage of Reinforced and Filled Thermoplastics
    the shrinkage of discs. Nylon 6/6. Glass fiber. 40. 0.003. 0.270. and chip in perpendicular directions (flow and. Nylon 6/6. Carbon fiber. 40. 0.002. 0.200. transverse) affords a much more reliable method. Nylon 6/6. Glass bead. 40. 0.010. 0.008. of predicting part warpage. Nylon 6/6. Barium ferrite
  • Temperature Specmanship and Selecting Power Inductors
    your supplier. before sampling and releasing the magic smoke in your breadboards!. Power inductor core materials can have varying stabilities over temperature. Curie. temperature, Tc (above Tc, ferrite materials lose their ferromagnetic properties, thus their. ability to function as an inductor
  • Medical Device Link .
    from the center conductor of a coaxial cable, whose shield forms the other half of the antenna. The small white blocks on the cable are ferrite cores that help define the antenna structure and prevent ESD-induced currents on the outside of the cable shield from reaching the test equipment
  • Application Note for the Layout Packages for Texas Instrument's CC2420 & CC2430 Extended to CC2500 (.pdf)
    . • Smaller footprint and height than traditional wirewounds. • Inherently suited to SMT pick and place operations. • Highly repeatable manufacturing process resulting in little part to part variation. • Ferrite free design thus eliminating the possibility intermodulation and other non-linear. effects

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