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  • Ferroelectric Technology Brief
    Access Memory or F-RAM has attributes that make it the ideal nonvolatile memory. It is a true nonvolatile RAM. The write advantages and non-volatility make it quite suitable for storing data in the absence of power. The ferroelectric property is a phenomena observed in a class of materials known
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    first commercial ferroelectric RAMs (FeRAMs) for use in mobile and related applications. Study sees emergence of China's fabless industry China's "long march " to create a fabless IC infrastructure will require the rapid introduction of home-grown design technology with commercial IP, according
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    )--a 20-megabit part that boasts some 250 million searches per second. Samsung rolls out mobile ferroelectric memory WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Samsung Electronics has introduced a 4-Mbit ferroelectric RAM exclusively for handheld mobile applications. The new FRAM is derived from Samsung's 32-Mbit FRAM