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  • Rust Preventative Coatings
    coatings are corrosion and chemically resistant and provide a barrier to protect the substrate. Zinc or aluminum rust preventative coatings provide a sacrificial layer that galvanicly protects the ferrous surface, even if the layer is breached in places. Zinc phosphate, barium metaborate
  • Rust takes a rest
    , volatile organics and generate no hazardous waste or sludge. MetalJacket coatings work on clean ferrous steels, zinc-phosphated steels, or cast iron. Parts to be coated are first induction heated to remove surface contaminants. This eliminates grit blasting and the acid-pickle and alkaline-rinse
  • Comparative Analysis of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Fasteners
    . and Plated/Coated Carbon Steel. WHITE PAPER Corrosion and Fastener Material Selection. by Michael Pasko, Application Engineer. Spirol International Corporation. The purpose of this paper is to address corrosion in general from many materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous, the. terms – not to provide
  • The Use of Inhibitors for Chmical Cleaning of Industrial Equipment (.pdf)
    ). Magnesium Chloride-6H2O. 281 ( 00C). Ferric Chloride-6H2O. 246 ( 00C). Ferrous Chloride-4H2O. 160 (10oC). Copper Chloride-2 H2O. 110.4 ( 00C). Nickel Chloride. 180 (Cold Water). 156. . Typically, the dissolution of the scale deposits (metal sulfides, sulfates, and phosphates) takes place. as shown
  • PVC Exterior Coating Chemical Resistance Chart
    . 90. YES. YES. YES. Disodium Phosphate. Sat'd. 160. YES. YES. YES. Ethyl Alcohol. Any. 90. YES. YES. YES. Ethylene Glycol. Any. 90. YES. YES. NO. Ferric Chloride. 45%. 120. YES. YES. YES. Ferrous Sulfate. Sat'd. 150. YES. YES. YES. Fluoboric Acid. Any. 150. YES. YES. YES. Formaldehyde. 37%. 120. YES
  • Urethane Interior Coating Chemical Resistance Chart
    . Disodium Phosphate. Sat'd. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Ethyl Alcohol. Any. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Ethylene Glycol. Any. 75 F. YES. YES. YES. Ferrous Sulfate. Sat'd. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Fluoboric Acid. Any. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Formaldehyde. 37%. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Formic Acid. 85%. 75 F. YES. YES
  • Chemical Composition - Steels, Alloys and Stainless
    plating increasing corrosion resistance, adding color or bril iance. Black Oxide. Black. Ferrous Metals & Stainless Steel. Fair. A chemical discoloration which does not add to part thickness. Usual y combined with an oil dip. Rust resistance comes from the oil only. Phosphate & Oil. Charcoal grey
  • Reference Guide: Typical Products Metered
    Zeolite. 23. Explosive Compound. 36. F. PRODUCT or MATERIAL. BULK DENSITY. (LBS./CU.FT.). Feed Grain (Animal). 37. Ferric Chloride. 43. Ferric Silicate. 78. Ferric Sulfate. 61. Ferrous Sulfate. 52. Fibers (Milled). 20. Fiberglass (1/8 " long chopped strand). 20-35. Fiberglass (3/16 " long chopped strand

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