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  • Molybdenum Alloys & Molybdenum Steel
    Molybdenum is generally alloying element with steel in order to make that steel stronger. In fact, when molybdenum is added to even small steel concentrations, the result is an ultra-high-strength steel that will maintain structural stability when placed under pressures reaching as high as 300,000
  • Alloy
    and other ferrous and non-ferrous steel for industry. Contact them at (973)276-5000 when you need quick and knowledgeable solutions to your steel supply needs. Top. Alloy 49. Alloy 49 is a low-expansion electronic alloy, composed primarily of nickel and iron, and used in both industrial
  • Metallurgical Insights for Induction Heat Treaters. Part 6: Stripping Phenomenon (.pdf)
    is used, and can be observed when. areas (dark stripes) become visible. These bright and. development. Credits. heating both ferrous and nonferrous metals, particu-. dark stripes encircle the cylinder, and, thus, have a. include 18 patents and. larly those that have relatively poor thermal con-. ring
  • Portable Hardness Testing Facts
    . Smooth-Semi Rough. Rigid Support of Sample. Yes. Yes. Yes. Test sample portability. Not required. Not required. Required. Procedures. Structural Steel. Functional. Functional. Functional. Heat Treated Steel. Functional. Functional. Functional (HRC). Case Hardened Material. Functional. Functional