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  • S2079: Drivers for GaAs FET Switches and Digital Attenuators
    Many of M/A-COM's GaAs FET switches and digital attenuators cannot operate directly with simple TTL or CMOS logic, but instead require external circuits to provide appropriate control voltages. This application note, an update of M539, Drivers for GaAs FET MMIC Switches and Digital Attenuators
  • Modeling of SOI FET for RF Switch Applications
    This paper presents the modeling of an SOI. FET for RF switch applications. Given that the HF smallsignal. predictability, i.e. the insertion loss and the isolation, is. a common state of the art, the study focuses on the modeling. of the non-linearity of the FET. The non-linearity of an SOI. FET
  • RF/Microwave Solid State Switches
    . will discuss more PIN diode switch configurations,. the theory of operation for. FETs, some representative RF/microwave. FET switch topologies, the relative advantages. of PIN and FET switches and some. criteria by which one of these technologies. may be selected over the other for switch
  • M539: Drivers for GaAs FET MMIC Switches and Digital Attenuators
    M/A-COM's Microelectronics Division produces a silicon CMOS Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) that drives GaAs Field Effect Transistor (FET) based switches or digital attenuators from a single TTL or compatible IC. These ASICs are available in single (SW-109) or quad-channel (SWD-119
  • Distributed Switch FET Model that predicts Better Insertion Loss and Harmonics
    With increasing scale and complexity in phemt switch circuits and dimension shrinking in unit phemt switch devices, distributed effects are becoming crucial on insertion loss and harmonics, especially the second harmonic. Distributed effects of metal resistances and inductances are taken
  • Using the TC1142 for Biasing a GaAs Power Amplifier
    frequency, higher breakdown voltage, lower noise figure, and higher power-added efficiency. This translates to lower power dissipation and longer talk time for cellular subscribers. Single Cell Li-Ion Battery and High-Side FET Switch.
  • Solid State Relays Overview and Applications
    The SSR that NEC has started marketing uses a photocoupler system with a MOS FET, explained in the following, as an output switch and a combination of an Emitter and Photo Detector to drive the switch. NEC's SSR is named a 'OCMOS FET (Opto-Coupled MOS FET)” as the input and output are isolated
  • M537: GaAs MMIC Based Control Components with Integral Drivers
    This application note describes the fundamental operation and features of a new series of control components. These switches comprise a family of devices that use GaAs FET MMIC technology for the RF circuitry and incorporate application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology to realize

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