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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NIR4b   StellarNet, Inc. Atomic Emission and Optical Emission Spectrometers and other sources such as elemental emissions from plasma & Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. Also Bragg grating technology enables optical sensing of many parameters including temperature and pressure. Thin film thickness measurements can be made using sample specular reflectance. The small...
777600-01   National Instruments Board Mount Connectors The NI PXIe-4844 optical sensor interrogator is a dual-slot 3U PXI Express data acquisition module for fiber Bragg grating (FBG) optical sensors. It has four optical channels that are simultaneously sampled at 10 Hz for measurement of FBG strain and temperature sensors. The NI PXIe-4844 features...
UV4   StellarNet, Inc. UV and Visible Spectrometers Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. Also, optical sensing of temperature, pressure, & position are enabled via Bragg grating technology.

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  • Fiber Optics Devices Based on VHGs
    We report on Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) technology for a spectrum of applications in optical components ranging from fixed or tunable filters, ROADM, beam combiners and pump stabilizers. VBGs allow higher integration and added functionality than Fiber Bragg Gratings. Volume Bragg Grating (VBG
  • Introduction to Volume Holographic Gratings (VHG)
    Volume holographic gratings (VHG) are diffractive elements consisting of a periodic phase or absorption perturbation throughout the entire volume of the element. When a beam of incident light satisfies the Bragg phase matching condition it is diffracted by the periodic perturbation. Due
  • High Spatial Resolution Measurement of Volume Holographic Gratings
     to a model of the grating diffraction combined with the cyclical. interference from the surface reflections in order to increase the accuracy when measuring uncoated gratings. The. system is capable of simultaneously measuring diffraction efficiency, loss, surface reflectivity, Bragg angle, and. grating
  • Advances in Near Field Holographic Grating Mask Technology
    ] with an adjustment increment as fine as 0.0039 nm3 and abrupt phase shifts2'3 within a single mask. Distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) eight-laser arrays with 100-GHz channel separation using a grating mask with pitch changes of 0.127 nm have previously been fabricated by this method while also
  • Fiber Laser Welding of High Integrity Implantable Medical Devices
    . The mirrors. Pulse-to-pulse Stability. are fiber optical elements, so called Fiber Bragg. Gratings, which are also spliced to the laser fiber. A. Pulse-to-pulse stability is a good measure of how a. spliced-in power pickup in the form of a tap coupler. laser performs when modulated. Fig. 6 shows
  • Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions for the FAA
    gages (CSG) and asphalt. strain gages (ASG). Recently, the FAA has investigated the. use of fiber optic (Fiber Bragg Grating) string arrays that. Figure 1. FAA Test Facility Vehicle. provide static or dynamic strain response of pavement test. sections under test vehicle loading or fal ing weight
  • Preface
    ,. such as fiber Bragg gratings, fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers, nonlinear fiber. optics, and fiber optic sensors. Examples and comparison with everyday experience. are provided wherever feasible to help readers understanding by relation to known. facts. The book is interspersed with numerous diagrams
  • Challenges in Photonics Manuafacturing
    for harsher motions such as sawtooth-waves. Elimination of structural resonances results in higher-fidelity Bragg gratings: narrower channel widths, higher efficiency. Air-bearing/piezo stage from Dover Instruments Inc., Westboro, Mass., employs vibration nullification in the manufacture of Fiber