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  • Soldering Fiber Optic Cable to Fiber Ferrule with Glass Preform (.pdf)
    The customer is looking for a non contact heating process. The Ambrell 1.2kW power supply, along with the fifteen second heating time results in better glass flow and solder joint...
  • Fiber Optic White Paper
    and is. particularly popular in the US. The ST connector was one of the first robust connectors targeted. at industrial environments. The ST connector is easily recognizable by its bayonet coupling,. designed to prevent the fiber and ferrule from rotating, and provides a high degree of strain relief
  • Fiber Polishing
    on glass-based fiber polishing in this tutorial since plastic optical fibers (POF) can be cut with special blades at elevated temperatures with satisfactory results. FIBER FERRULES: The diameter of most optical fibers ranges from 80 um to 1000 um, too small to be polished directly. Ceramic, metal, or glass
  • Fiber Optic Collimators
    return loss). The price to pay there is that the beam is slightly off-centered. It is possible, however, to correct this with specially designed fiber ferrule and alignment fixtures. Almost all multimode fibers are polished at 0 degree due to the fact that system return loss requirements are much lower
  • Fiber Optic Technology (.pdf)
    Fiber optic cable is one of the fastest-growing transmission mediums for both new cabling installations and upgrades, including backbone, horizontal, and even desktop applications. It works very well in applications that need high bandwidth, long distances, and complete immunity to electrical
    HLC process, the end of the fiber as. well as the immediately surrounding epoxy and ferrule surface, go through a rapid. thermally driven and controlled recrystalization process that results in several well-. known and well-established benefits. The most important of these from the practical use
  • Panduit Laboratories: Choosing the Best Ferrule Material for Your Network Application (.pdf)
    performance factors that include durability of ferrule materials,. connector mating frequency, and ability of each material to retain endface geometry and surface finish over. time. Material Properties of Ceramic and Composite Ferrules. Independent, spring-loaded fiber optic contacts (ferrules) have
  • How to Determine the Right Fiber Optic Network Backup Switch for Your Application (.pdf)
    Fiber optic network backup switches allow the users the capability of sharing a device/s connected to the COMMON port/s among devices connected to the (A, B, C, etc.)lettered or (1, 2, 3, etc.) numbered ports. The number of switch positions required will be related to how many devices or networks