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Parts by Number for Fiber Jacket Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
5504566-7 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Connector; Connector Type = FSMA I (905 Style); Jacket Outer Diameter = 3.10 mm; Fiber Size = 231 Micron; Loose Piece;
1918153-1 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Multimode; Fiber Optic Connector Type = Simplex; Cable Type = Tight Jacket 2.4mm; LC Connector Kit; Individual;
2-5504014-7 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Connector; Connector Type = FSMA II (906 Style); Jacket Outer Diameter = 3.10 mm; Fiber Size = 145 Micron; Loose Piece;
PWXT420P PLC Radwell Banner Engineering Not Provided PWXT420P FIBER POLISHED TFE JACKET 2M PICO GRD
PWXP4150P PLC Radwell Banner Engineering Not Provided PWXP4150P FIBER POLISHED PVC JACKET 15M PICO GRD
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  • High Precision Optical Fiber Array Connector and Method
    of each fiber is processed so that the outer jacket 12 (eg plastic, acrylic, NYLON, etc.) is stripped to expose a predetermined length T. A standard hot sulfuric acid strip technique can be used to strip most jackets. Thereafter, the exposed fiber tip is shaped to form a conical tip 14. In one example
  • Large Optical Fiber Array Assembly and Method
    in predetermined patterns, such as rows and columns. According to another primary object of the present invention, the jackets and buffer layers of fibers are stripped and the distal fiber ends are inserted through the openings and bonded to the mask. In a preferred embodiment, the fiber tip is conically shaped
  • Fiber Optic Cylindrical Diffuser
    positioned optical fiber. The fiber includes a core with a jacket comprising a sheathing 22 and a cladding 23. The core of the fiber is exposed, to the right as viewed, at end 25. A colorless, transparant sleeve 28 is threaded onto the jacket without touching the core. Sleeve 28 includes an open end
  • Fiber Optic Technology (.pdf)
    the fiber to move freely within a tube. Usual y. Core. Coating. Strengthening. Cable Jacket. fiber optic cables contain several fibers, a strong central strength member,. Fibers. Cladding. and one or more metal sheaths for mechanical protection. Some cables. Figure 1. Fiber Optic Cable Construction. also
  • Solar Resistant Optical Fiber and Method
    H.sub.6), aluminum, copper, boron nitride or other suitable oxides or nitrides. The hermetically sealed fiber 22 exits reactor 20 and may be treated or annealed as desired (not shown). Subsequently, a standard metal or plastic buffer or jacket is applied in chamber 24 to the hermetically sealed
  • High Speed Fiber Optic Infrared Transmitter (.pdf)
    One of the most effective methods of making non-contact high temperature measurements in industrial applications is with a fiber optic infrared probe. These devices typically consist of a lens probe assembly which is aimed at the object to be measured, and a fiber optic interconnecting cable, which
  • Sensor Sense: Fiber-optic sensors
    Industrial sensors using fiber-optic cables often have a role sensing small targets or working under conditions that would hamper other types of sensors. come in both thrubeam and diffuse-beam types. In thrubeam, light from the transmitter (Tx) fiber strand aims directly into the receiver (Rx
  • How to Determine the Right Fiber Optic Network Backup Switch for Your Application (.pdf)
    . Workstations, fiber switches and servers,. fiber modems, and similar hardware usually require duplex cable. Duplex fiber is. available in singlemode and multimode. Duplex fiber cable can be regarded as two. simplex cables having their jackets joined by a jacket material. Some duplex fiber optic. cables have

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