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  • Development of a Novel Breast Cancer Detector based on Improved Holography Concave Grating Imaging Spectrometer
    The synchronous circuit controls the time-sequence of the CCD driver module, IAQ card, amplifier, filter and … Halogen-tungsten lamp with the reflecting cup(Philip14546,± 12v /20W) is chosen as the lamp source … The water bottle driven by stepper motor is used as the water-cooling device of the light … Three optic fibers (IBM 39M5696, 100µm) are coupled to transmit the light enter into the HCGIS.
  • A 12-Channel, real-time near-infrared spectroscopy instrument for brain-computer interface applications
    The APD with an active area of 3mm requires glass fibre optic bundles (Edmund Optics, NT40-644) of similar diameter and a large acceptance angle to guide the photons from the scalp to the detector. The APD requires only a ± 12V regulated DC supply to generate the high internal voltage (~200V … … and detectors, only the areas of maximal activity for each cortical function (e.g. cognitive, motor , visual). The subjects were asked to perform mental arithmetic exercises during synchronous predetermined trials which simply entailed successively …
  • Manual combustion engine
    BATTERY ( 12V/36V MOTOR -MANAGEMENT … find Today one mainly three types of electric motors, the asynchronous motor (ASM), synchronous motor permanently excited … … is to divide into two main groups: that to be directly applied in optical measuring method in … … porous metal-sintering structures and metal foams, image 21-97 as well as fiber structures as nonwoven …
  • Linear Drives for Industry Applications IX
    … taking advantage of the special electromagnetic structure, OFVA can produce a contactless, radial, synchronous and rotating force … New cigarette online sampling device consist of many core components including step motor , sensor, photoelectric switch, vacuum … Application of Optical Fiber Sensor System in Offshore Oil Field Fiber Optic Pressure and Temperature Sensors … and can ensure the correctness of the communication when the common-mode voltage is between -7~+ 12V .
  • Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011 Complete Document
    Electro- optic control,1998,1:43-48. … after the AC signal into a frequency variable for the single-phase induction motor to provide operating … This is similar to the synchronization pull-in process of synchronous motor, but more serious nonlinearity between … Fiber Laser The voltage of battery is VBAT= 12V .
  • Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology II
    … input module is 24V, the working voltage of MCU and other chips is + 12V , the working voltage … Transmission cable cores: 2 core or fiber optic cable. … A/D part which analog signals are converted to digital signal, phase-locked loop synchronous sampling control unit … According to the requirements of high-precision caving machine, a servo motor controller based on the field …
  • Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology III
    Analysis of chirped-sampled and sampled-chirped fiber Bragg gratings[J]. … the interference filter, we can deserve four groups of DC voltage: +5V, ± 12V , double +24V wanted … 4,5 New Energy Vehicle Division, SAIC Motor Co., LTD, Shanghai 201804, China a, b … In this paper, we use permanent magnet synchronous electromotor for modeling. bus F484I8Fiber- optic communication .
  • Instruments, Measurement, Electronics and Information Engineering
    Avoiding the super rotation of motor ,the system change the flow of motor ,so the rate of drive tire will be in the set value and all the tire will be rotate synchronous . Development of high-resolution fiber spectrometer for LIBS detection This paper introduces a homemade high-resolution miniature fiber optic spectrometer for LIBS detection. A DC-DC converter is used to transformed +27V into + 12V ,-12V,+5V and +24V due to …
  • Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials III
    Master clocks are located in the control room, which supply accurate time information to the mining area and the central substation through the fiber optic network. Thus, the analog signals can achieve synchronous collection and calculation among the various merger units. … the motion control card (GT200-SV) as the circular grating and long grating motor controller, and the … + 12V .
  • Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials
    … is the torque constant, K b is the velocity constant, Ra is the motor resistance, N is … Time Division- Synchronous CDMA ( TD-SCDMA ) is one of the 3G standards authorized by the International Telecommunication … … cn,, Key word: OCT/VT, electric- optic modulation, A/D sampling … The OCT/VT use fiber to transform signals. + 12V .