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Parts by Number for Fiber Optic Illuminators Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
974150 PLC Radwell Cole Parmer Sensors & Switches, Fiber Optic Cable LIGHT MICROSCOPE LOW NOISE FIBER ILLUMINATOR
R150A2 PLC Radwell Techniquip Lighting, Lighting Accessories REGULATED FIBER OPTIC ILLUMINATOR 120VAC
190 PLC Radwell Dolan Jenner Not Provided ILLUMINATOR FIBER OPTIC 10000FT CANDLE
190 PLC Radwell Danaher Controls Not Provided ILLUMINATOR FIBER OPTIC 10000FT CANDLE
30250000 PLC Radwell Ram Optical Lighting, Lighting Accessories FIBER OPTIC ILLUMINATOR LIGHT SOURCE
1180 PLC Radwell Reichert Lighting, Lighting Accessories FIBER OPTIC ILLUMINATOR 120V 1.5A
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  • Manipulating Distortion Out of Your Image
    between the lens and the camera, the horizontal field of view is reduced to 50mm at a 50mm working distance. A high resolution monochrome board camera offers the appropriate resolution and size. The illumination is provided by a fiber optic illuminator with a dual branch flexible light guide. Due
  • Medical Device Link .
    element in operations ranging from the curing of adhesives and coatings to the most exacting laser micromachining. Strain testing of transparent plastics uses light to measure birefringence, while powerful bursts of visible light can serve as a means of sterilization. Clinically, fiber-optic
  • Illumination in Imaging
    light back into the lens. The camera's minimum sensitivity is also important in determining the minimum amount of light required by the system. In addition, the CCD camera settings (gain, shutter speed, etc.) affect the sensitivity of the sensor. Fiber optic illumination usually involves an illuminator
  • Medical Device Link .
    the visible field for study and surgery. Illumination designers are also challenged by other engineering and economic factors, many of which are interdependent. Precision. Because endoscopes depend on a thin fiber-optic cable or bundle to transmit light to the tip, precision at the arc gap of the light source
  • The Effects of Reflector Design and Lamp Orientation
    !. An ellipsoid has two focal points. With the arc lamp precisely positioned at one focal. point, the collected light is focused at the second focal point. In your experiment, the. sample, the monochromator slit or the fiber optic bundle would be positioned at the. second focal point. Power Density
  • Medical Device Link .
    detects and targets edge points by scanning the image area within a circle around the crosshairs on the display. The vision system has a precision mechanical bearing with an x-y-z measuring stage of 8 x 4 x 6 in., plus 6-to-1 zoom video optics and dual-output 150-W fiber-optic illumination