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  • Fiber Optic Technology (.pdf)
    Fiber optic cable is one of the fastest-growing transmission mediums for both new cabling installations and upgrades, including backbone, horizontal, and even desktop applications. It works very well in applications that need high bandwidth, long distances, and complete immunity to electrical
  • Fiber Optic Antenna Link OFW-5800 GPS
    cable and Mil Spec fiber optic connectors. The OFW - 5800/GPS enables the naval combat systems engineer to take advantage of the unique properties offered by optical fiber technology. These properties include extremely low signal loss, ultra-wide bandwidth, immunity to electromagnetic interference
  • Fiber Optic Lever Displacement Transducers: Principles, Improvements, & Applications
    The recent flurry of activity in fiber optic sensors has resulted in a great variety of technically sophisticated devices employing interference, polarization and wavelength modulation techniques l. While all of these methods offer great promise for certain specific applications and dedicated
  • Differences Between Industrial Ethernet Fiber Optic Backbone, Ring, and Star Topologies (.pdf)
    Fiber Optic backbones have been used effectively in industrial Ethernet systems requiring high-speed communications with excellent noise characteristics. Since the fiber optic cable is impervious to electric and magnetic fields, all conventional electrically generated cross talk and interference
  • Industrial Fiber Optic Products for Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Applications - White Paper (.pdf)
    the quality and reliability of the power generation. Fiber optic components offer protection by providing insulation from high-voltage glitches and unwanted signals into power electronic devices. Avago Technologies offers highly reliable industrial fiber optic components for data-acquisition/control
  • Minimize Electrical Interference for Railroad Monitoring Systems
    In order to minimize electrical interference in a communication system between train stations, industrial media converters were used to connect RTUs and PLCs to Ethernet switches by fiber optic cable.
  • Medical Device Link .
    Fiber-Optic Catheter Pressure Transducer Developed for Low-Cost Applications Device efficacy is not affected by bent wires or electrical interference Using a proprietary white-light interferometric interrogation technique, a fiber-optic MEMS device provides in vivo blood pressure, intrauterine
  • MPMN:March 01 Hotline
    Using the proprietary white-light interferometric interrogation technique, a fiber-optic MEMS device provides in vivo blood pressure, intrauterine, and intracranial measurements in disposable or reusable applications. (Sainte Foy, QC, Canada) introduced the pressure transducer at the recent MD &M

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