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  • Near Infrared ( NIR ) Applications with Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers
    improvements have. EPP2000C UV-VIS spectrometer, consists of an aberration. been made to ruggedize miniature fiber optic. corrected concave grating with no mirrors and a securely. mounted detector. There are no moving parts for portable. spectrometers for industrial and portable applications
  • Field-testing For Environmental Pollutants Using Briefcase Sized Portable LIBS System
    Plasma. Spectroscopy, Laser Spark Spectrochemistry, Elemental Emission, Line. Spectra Analysis, Spectrophotometer, Atomic Emission Spectra, Portable. Spectrometer, Field Analysis. The integration of miniature fiber optic spectrometers with small high peak power. laser transmitters has lead
  • NIR512 Alternating Dark Pixel Levels
    Alternating Dark Pixel Levels. Engineering Note. Topic: NIR512 Alternating Dark Pixel Levels. Product Affected: NIR512 Fiber Optic Spectrometer. Date Issued: 06/06/2003. Description. The NIR512 uses a Hamamatsu G8053-512S InGaAs detector. While there are 512 individual pixels,. the pixels are readout
  • Spectroscopic Diagnostics of an Atmospheric Microwave Plasma
    carried out to better understand this particular. atmospheric pressure plasma torch. An experimental device has been modified with. extra visible access for radial and axial profile measurements. Diffraction limited fiber. optic plasma views and high-resolution grating spectrometer instrumentation
  • Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometry Characterization of
    . fixed entrance slit installed in the fiber optic cable adapter. A ¼ in. CR1-mini cosine receptor for UV-VIS-NIR. collected and focused the rocket emission spectra onto the fiber optic cable. A USB cable connected the. spectrometer to a USB-2 port on a Hewlett Packard laptop computer. The second
  • Near IR Spectroscopy in Process Analysis
    centimeters, rather than microns. As a result, first commercial fiber optic spectrophotometers were introduced in the 1980's. 3042_NIRSpec Page 1 of 12. Application Note—. Near IR Spectroscopy in Process Analysis—by Don Goldman, Ph.D. OUTLINE. 1. CONCISE DEFINITION. 2. INTRODUCTION. 3. NEAR-IR
  • OH Emission Spectra of Hybrid Rocket Motors Using
    were acquired by the spectrograph through an armored 400 µm fiber optic. cable, 2 m long, terminated with a UV collimating lens pointing towards the rocket exhaust. The lens was mounted in one end of a black Delrin cylinder 100 mm long having a 6 mm. bore, allowing investigation of 8 mm2 segments
  • Water Analysis in an Alcohol-Brine Solution with a ChemView (R) Photometer
    Purpose: Measurement of water in a multiple alcohol and brine solution with a ChemView (R) photometer. Experimental: PS-2E fiber optic diode array NIR spectrometer, 2 m low-OH optical fibers, HeaterCell at 30°C with 5 mm quartz cuvette. Samples: Characterized production samples at top right

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