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  • Small Diameter/High Temp Borescope
    . borescope to the exact length and. cooling shrouds, but no off-. diameter required by the customer to. the-shelf scope of the proper. fit existing cooling gear. To maximize light. diameter and length could be. throughput, while minimizing cost, ITI. obtained. deleted the usual fiber optic illumination
  • Evaluation of confocal microscopy system performance
    incompatibility of the fiber-optic polarization with laser polarization, thermal instability of the acoustical optical transmission filter (AOTF), and laser noise. The sensitivity of the system was measured using a 10- mm Spherotech bead and the PMTs were assessed with the CV concept (image noise
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The resolution of a flexible borescope is defined by the number of optical fibers in the instrument 's imaging bundle. This number can range from 10,000 to 30,000 pixels. Flexible borescopes, however, do not address all user needs. Because of the fiber optics, the image quality of flexible scopes
  • Medical Device Link . The Light Stuff: Optical Imaging in Medical Diagnosis Optical science may light the way to radiation-free tissue analysis.
    , allowing application of OCT to tissues deep inside the body. In this scenario, light beamed through fiber optics in a catheter or scope would bounce off the surface of internal tissue. Photons scattered by the tissue would return through the fiber optics to an interferometer, which would divide
  • Seeing the Light (.pdf)
    wave reached the end of the. Index-matching gels were first formulated in the mid-1980s. fiber, where the refractive index changed from 1.46, the. to solve a problem in the telecommunica-. tion industry. As networks turned to fiber. optics to speed data transmission, fibers. often needed
  • The 1998 Medical Design Excellence Awards Finalists
    , Helmut Moeller The GDx nerve fiber analyzer uses a scanning laser to image and measure the retinal nerve fiber, which is the portion of the eye that is destroyed by glaucoma. Without requiring dilation of the eye, the analyzer can take 65,536 measurements in less than one second and then automatically

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  • Duodénoscopie and cannulation of the biliary and pancreatic principle paths and methods
    I1 is equip6 of a latdrale optique offering a view of 64 ~ The image is transmitted via a glass fiber bundle, ehaque fiber having a diambtre of 7 microns.
  • What’s your place in the research race?
    Microscopy Multiple applications of lasers and fibre optics Optical scoping Photodynamic therapies Optical fluorescence imaging Thermodynamics .
  • Information physics: From energy to codes
    ...ohm meter, laser, compass, satellite, global positioning system, gyroscope, autopilot, smoke detector, fridge & air conditioner, X-ray & ultrasound & MRI imaging , tele & micro & endo scopes , spec- trometers, semiconductors, transistors, integrated circuits, computers, fiber optics , robotics, and the idea...
  • The progresses of the electronic switching in the world (V)
    With the vid6ocommunications and especially the transmission of images anim6es we enter the area of the techniques of current transmission / t broadband that made grfice at optical fibers of the spectacular progr6s.
  • A novel highly articulated robotic surgical system for epicardial ablation
    Visualization was provided by an on-board optical fiber scope ( fiber : FIGH-30-850N, Myriad Fiber Imaging Technology, Dudley, MA, camera: EO-2AN, Edmund Optics , Barrington, NJ).
  • Photonik
    EAN code 204 flatness 279 ECE test points scattering 348 Echelette- grids elastic to 52 unambiguity region 274 coupling- optics 332 in mode fiber 132 in path-light barrier 176 363, 371 electromagnetic radiation 363 electronic image acquisition 386 electronic image stabilization...
  • Organization of an endoscopic unit: the future
    The vid6o-endoscope has remplac6 d6finitivement optical endoscopes ~ fibers because that allows to increase the sensibilit6 of digestive endoscopy in am61iorant the qualit6 of the image , the r6solution, the color, the visual field , the appr6ciation of distances.
  • Image-guided intervention in the human bile duct using scanning fiber endoscope system
    The only modification in the SFE scope fabrication will be the use of optics (scanning fiber and lenses) made of materials that will efficiently transmit the UV light used for endogenous fluorophore detection and imaging .
  • Endoscopic-Surgical anatomy
    In this region the ground-breaking progress was the development of a fiber optics for the illumination and image recovery.
  • Throughput Optimization in Robotic Cells
    Over the years, the scope has broadened to a wide variety of industries including the manufacture of semiconduc- tors, textiles, pharmaceutical compounds, magnetic resonance imaging systems, glass products, cosmetics, fiber - optics , and building products.