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  • Small Diameter/High Temp Borescope
    . borescope to the exact length and. cooling shrouds, but no off-. diameter required by the customer to. the-shelf scope of the proper. fit existing cooling gear. To maximize light. diameter and length could be. throughput, while minimizing cost, ITI. obtained. deleted the usual fiber optic illumination
  • Evaluation of confocal microscopy system performance
    incompatibility of the fiber-optic polarization with laser polarization, thermal instability of the acoustical optical transmission filter (AOTF), and laser noise. The sensitivity of the system was measured using a 10- mm Spherotech bead and the PMTs were assessed with the CV concept (image noise
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The resolution of a flexible borescope is defined by the number of optical fibers in the instrument 's imaging bundle. This number can range from 10,000 to 30,000 pixels. Flexible borescopes, however, do not address all user needs. Because of the fiber optics, the image quality of flexible scopes
  • Medical Device Link . The Light Stuff: Optical Imaging in Medical Diagnosis Optical science may light the way to radiation-free tissue analysis.
    , allowing application of OCT to tissues deep inside the body. In this scenario, light beamed through fiber optics in a catheter or scope would bounce off the surface of internal tissue. Photons scattered by the tissue would return through the fiber optics to an interferometer, which would divide
  • Seeing the Light (.pdf)
    wave reached the end of the. Index-matching gels were first formulated in the mid-1980s. fiber, where the refractive index changed from 1.46, the. to solve a problem in the telecommunica-. tion industry. As networks turned to fiber. optics to speed data transmission, fibers. often needed
  • The 1998 Medical Design Excellence Awards Finalists
    , Helmut Moeller The GDx nerve fiber analyzer uses a scanning laser to image and measure the retinal nerve fiber, which is the portion of the eye that is destroyed by glaucoma. Without requiring dilation of the eye, the analyzer can take 65,536 measurements in less than one second and then automatically