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  • Lightning Strike Protection for Carbon Fiber Aircraft
    As the application of composite aero structures has increased,. the effect of lightning strike damage and the structural. tolerance necessary to absorb this damage has required further. test investigation. To enhance the damage tolerance capability. of composite sandwich structures used
  • Jamak Develops Fiber Reinforced Elastomer for Oil and Gas use
    . Materials & Methods A design of experiment method was used to formulate a novel fiber reinforced silicone elastomer compound. A two level, five factor, half fractional design was chosen. The details of the design experiment are important, but are not the main focus of this application based paper
  • Medical Device Link . Pathogen-free human serum protein production using a hollow-fiber bioreactor system
    Used in a wide variety of applications, human serum proteins are critical raw materials for the diagnostics industry. Measurements of specific members of this group of proteins comprise some of the most common clinical chemistry tests. An obvious example is the test for alphafetoprotein (AFP), used
  • Machine Vision Industry Focus: Putting Light to Work
    Special fiber optics now let spectroscopy migrate out of the laboratory and into inhospitable environments. Spectrometers and other sophisticated light-measurement equipment once were consigned to test labs. These instruments have made a debut on plant floors in recent years because
  • Thermoplastic Composites
    . The performance gain of these composites usually more than compensates for their higher cost. Processing usually involves the same methods used for unreinforced resins. Glass fibers used in reinforced compounds are high-strength, textile-type fibers, coated with a binder and coupling agent to improve
  • The HK fibres
    The HK Fibers Autoclave Process - the next generation Kellogg Brown and Root, 601 Jefferson Avenue, Houston, Texas 77002 A novel process, the HK Fibers Autoclave Process, has been developed to treat whole OCC bales. Based on mill tests, using a 20 ton/day pilot plant unit, at Rand Whitney
  • Understanding Shrinkage and Warpage of Reinforced and Filled Thermoplastics
    too often, shrinkage values listed on data sheets are thought to indicate probable warpage. This information typically derives from 5 in. X 0.5 in. X 0.125 in. rectangular bars measured in accordance with ASTM D955 test methods. These specimens, however, ignore the anisotropic shrinkage
  • Using Unidirectional Glass Tapes to Improve Impact Performance
    patterns were then used in conjunction with. charges produced in the direct-long-fiber thermoplastic. (D-LFT) inline compounding (ILC) process to compression. mold both test plaques and later an actual automotive. underbody-shield part to determine the extent to which. impact performance could
  • Polyetherimide
    and has inherent flame resistance and low-smoke evolution. The resin is produced by the General Electric Co. under the Ultem trademark. Polyetherimide resin is available in an unreinforced grade for general-purpose injection molding, blow molding, foam molding, and extrusion, in four glass-fiber
  • OH Emission Spectra of Hybrid Rocket Motors Using
    were acquired by the spectrograph through an armored 400 µm fiber optic. cable, 2 m long, terminated with a UV collimating lens pointing towards the rocket exhaust. The lens was mounted in one end of a black Delrin cylinder 100 mm long having a 6 mm. bore, allowing investigation of 8 mm2 segments

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