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Parts by Number for Fiberglass Container Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FGFGH2436PLBK Global Industrial Rubbermaid Commercial. Not Provided Half Round Open Front Fiberglass Container - Black, 18 Gallon Capacity

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  • Dirt Control In Statically Charged Environments
    Dirt buildup is a problem in many types of production applications, especially where plastic, fiberglass or. other materials that have a propensity to develop a static charge are used. dirt_control_article1.pmd Dirt Control in Statically Charged Environments. Dirt buildup is a problem in many
  • Low-pressure molding offers stiff competition
    parts have higher strength-to-weight ratios and up to 70% more load-bearing capacity than injection-molded parts of the same weight. Structural-foam molding replaces wood, metal, concrete, and fiberglass on large-part applications demanding strength and durability. Applications include office, business
  • Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, Capacitors: Bonding Methods and Packaging
    metalized substrate material such as epoxy-. fiberglass, etc., optimum bonding occurs when a hard material. such as ceramic can be used. Quality. If a good bond has been obtained, it is impossible to separate the. beam-lead device from the metalized substrate without damage. Figure 3. Beam Lead Cap Mounted
  • Molders strut their stuff
    for the best physical properties. With correct resin selection, rotomolded parts can economically replace fiberglass, metal, and wood. Rotomolding provides lots of design options and produces stress-free parts with no mold lines or sprue and ejection marks. Recent winners in the Association of Rotational
  • Generator Fuel Tanks
    storage tanks are more costly to install but have a longer life because they are shielded from the environment. Underground storage tanks can be constructed from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Such tanks are usually ribbed so as to provide structural strength. Alternately, underground storage tanks
    into the well or. tank via its integral cable. Installation is easier than the. pipe mount style especially where a plumbed connection. is not readily available, like on a fiberglass tank, under-. Elevated Storage Tank. ground tank or in an open well or pond. For both installations the transmitter