Products/Services for Fiberglass Shipping Crate

    Boxes and Crates - (230 companies)
    ...and grades of cardboard and paperboard. Other materials of construction for boxes and crates include cloth, fabric, fiberglass, foam, leather, wood, metalized film, and polytetrafluoroethyelene (PTFE). Boxes and Crates Features Features for boxes...
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  • Shipping Containers and Shipping Cases-Image
    Shipping Containers and Shipping Cases - (632 companies)
    Shipping containers and shipping cases include bags, boxes, buckets, barrels, ISO containers, crates, trunks and other vessels for transporting materials. Shipping containers and shipping cases include bags, boxes, buckets, barrels, ISO containers...
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  • Industrial Containers-Image
    Industrial Containers - (1750 companies)
    Industrial containers are used for containing materials, shipping and storage. These containers include bags, basins, bins, boxes, buckets, crates, cylinders, drums, IBCs, tanks, and ISO containers. Industrial containers are used for containing...
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  • Packaging Containers-Image
    Packaging Containers - (1564 companies)
    Alike packaging improves stackability and agglomeration. Protection: A robust package structure ensures the product is not damaged by shipping and handling. The enclosure may prevent moisture and contaminants from reaching the merchandise. Perishable...
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  • Packaging Tapes-Image
    Packaging Tapes - (774 companies)
    Packaging tape is a rolled adhesive lining manufactured for sealing, wrapping, enclosing, and bundling to prepare items for handling, storage, or shipping. This includes packaging like shrink wrap and corrosion inhibiting films. | Packaging tape...
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    Shipping and Freight Services - (1282 companies)
    Shipping and freight services transport packages, letters, freight, cargo, finished goods, and raw materials. They may specialize in the shipment of specific types of items, or ship a variety of products. For example, some domestic or international...
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    Totes and Bins - (325 companies)
    ...or removable tops to provide easier access. Specifications. Product specifications for totes and bins include: Volume capacity. Depth or length. Width or diameter. Height. Color. Materials. Most totes and bins are made from plastic, wire, fiberglass...
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    Composite and Fiberglass Molding Services - (305 companies)
    Composite and fiberglass molding services perform injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, rotationalmolding, thermoforming, and dip molding. Composite and fiberglass molding services perform: injection molding. blow molding...
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    Fiberglass Fabrication Services - (168 companies)
    Fiberglass fabrication services include die cutting or converting of glass fabrics, stitching, sewing, draping, laminating, assembly, hand lay-up, spray-up, and other processes for a variety of applications and industries. How to Select Fiberglass...
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    Shipping and Handling Labels - (105 companies)
    Shipping and Handling Labels are preprinted labels that identify proper handling directions and in some cases destination information. These labels may indicate contents of package such as Flamability or Fragile or they may indicate directions...
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    … neoprene washer assembled over its shaft (to seal the nailhole in metal or fiberglass roofing or siding). 28 Nails are packaged for shipment in bulk, that is, loose in a carton or other container, or collated, that is, joined … … other structures, both for structural framing and interior applications, decks and fences, cabinets and furniture, and crates and pallets for .
  • WNGlosses (\
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  • Federal Register > Wednesday, February 26, 2014 > [79 FR 10765] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania; Notification of Proposed Production Activity, ...
    … phosphates; fire extinguishing chemical agents; liquid tempilaq trichloroethelen; heavy-duty degreasers; engine cleaners; polyurethane activator catalysts; activators; refractory glue; sodium hexametaphosphate; liquid polymers; epoxy kits; epoxy; emersion epoxy; fiberglass tape; varnish; silicone fluid … … insulation; plastic toilet seats; shipping containers; plastic shipping containers … … steel tool chests; steel tool boxes; tool carrying cases; veneer panels; blocks; wood crates ; shipping crates; wood …
  • IMACS: the wide-field imaging spectrograph on Magellan-Baade
    … of testing and refinement that lasted approximately one year, IMACS was disassembled and crated in the early … Optics remained fully assembled; each assembly was shipped in an individual custom-built, foam-lined, fiberglass box.
  • Hazards associated with retrieval and storage of legacy waste at the Transuranic Waste Inspectable Storage Project
    Retrieved waste would then be packaged for shipment to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), a deep … The waste was stored in metal drums and fiberglass -reinforced,plastic-coated plywood (FRP) crates .
  • CCD Astrophotography: High Quality Imaging from the Suburbs
    A month later, the fiberglass observatory arrived by freight and was soundly packed in a large wooden crate . Shipping within the United States is via a freight carrier with “tailgate” service.
  • Emerging Technologies Applicable to Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety and Security
    • Specialty and treated steels • Engineered metal structures (e.g., egg crate , honeycomb, lattice block, corrugated … Container integrity is clearly considered important to the chemical manufacturing and shipping industries. … pounds per square inch (PSI) pressure tank around which is several inches of fiberglass , outside of which …
  • Report of the Mixed Waste Landfill Phase 2 RCRA Facility Investigation Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico
    HEPA filters, fiberglass filters, final and prefilters; MFP-, DU-, and tritium-contaminated vacuum cleaners; cables; ultra-sonic air samplers; irradiated … … light bulbs;sanding disks; neutron generator tubes; backingplates from TA-5 experimental apparatus; packing materials and woodenshipping crates ; metal drumsfrom Nevada Test … Nuclear fuel shipping cask cleanup debris; tritium and C-14 labeled amino acidsand tritium labeled uridine; scrap …
  • On Copying Bronze Statuettes