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  • Fiber Optic White Paper
    , the diameter of the multimode core is much larger and allows more than one. mode to propagate through the fiber. There are 2 types of multimode fiber: Step-Index and. Graded-Index. Step-index fiber reduces the refractive index of the fiber in comparison with the. core. Graded index fiber modifies
  • High Numerical Aperture Silica Core Fibers
    require a range of geometries, clad-core ratios and numerical apertures [NA] for step-. index multimode fiber depending upon whether the end use is for laser surgery, illumination, or sensing. Fiber core. geometries can range from 100µm to over 1000µm, and the clad-core ratios can range from 1.05
  • HCXtreme Optical Fiber for High Powers in Tight Bends (.pdf)
    . 550 µm. 550 µm. 730 µm. The three fiber samples tested are all step-index multimode fibers with core diameters. of 365 µm, labeled Samples A, B and C, as shown in Table 1. Samples A and B each. have a pure silica core and F-doped silica cladding with numerical aperture (NA) of. 0.22. Sample C however
  • Fiber Optic Lever Displacement Transducers: Principles, Improvements, & Applications
    internal reflection of the light accepted at its input end, as shown in Fig-1. The most commonly used fibers are called "step index" type and consist of an inner core to carry the light flux and an outer cladding. For total internal reflection to occur, the index of refraction of the glass
  • Piezoelectric Characterization of Bulk and Thin Film Ferroelectric Materials using Fiber Optics
    of a light beam striking a vibrating surface is modulated in such a way that the power of the reflected beam is proportional to the displacement of the surface14. An extremely useful rendition of this concept uses step-index fiber optics, where transmission fibers illuminate a surface and receiving
  • . power densities within the transmission medium. Other medical and spectroscopic applications require a range of geometries, clad-core ratios and numerical. apertures [NA] for step-index multimode fiber depending upon whether the end use is for laser surgery, illumination, or. sensing. Fiber core
  • Medical Device Link .
    , the center layer of which contains the diffraction grating, a fiber alignment groove and a mirror that reflects the spectrum onto a photodiode array. The input is a 105 x 125- um step index glass fiber, while the optical output is based on a 256-pixel photodiode array. The grating dispersion of 0.12 nm

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