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  • Process Automation System Independent Process Monitoring and Field Device Management
  • Advances in Near Field Holographic Grating Mask Technology
    Near field holographic (NFH) printing of first-order grat-ings using fused silica phase grating masks ' and polymer replica gratings4 has been demonstrated to be an alternative Method of printing grating structures for semiconductor lasers.2"4 A similar technique but using far field holography has
  • AN211A: Field Effect Transistors in Theory and Practice, Courtesy of Motorla
    There are two types of field-effect transistors, the Junction Field-Effect Transistor (JFET) and the "Metal-Oxide Semiconductor" Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET), or Insulated-Gate Field-Effect Transistor (IGFET). The principles on which these devices operate (current controlled by an electric
  • Linear Position Sensor MR/LVI Calibration using SenSet TM Field Programmability
    Alliance Sensors' MR and LVI series Linear Position Sensors offer SenSet TM Field Programmability. SenSet TM allows the installer to very simply and quickly exactly match the full scale electrical output of a sensor to the actual mechanical movement range of the device in which the sensor
  • Medical Device Link . Biosensor Research Targets Medical Diagnostics Research in the biosensing industry has been fueled almost exclusively by the glucose-sensing market. New techniques, however, when fully optimized, could expand the field significa
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry The biosensor industry has come a long way since the mid-1970s, when the Yellow Springs Instrument Co. (Yellow Springs, OH) commercialized the first glucose monitor. The next major breakthrough didn't come until 1987, when MediSense (Cambridge, MA) introduced
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories (Livermore, CA) developed an insulator-based dielectrophoretic (iDEP) device that quickly analyzes samples without overnight culturing. The lab is looking for commercial partners to further develop the iDEP technology. "It could get you an answer in the field
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Pathogens Detected in Minutes, Not Days Detecting pathogens with a handheld biosensor could lead to faster and cheaper diagnosis of diseases, according to a group of researchers from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). The device was designed to be used
  • Medical Device Link .
    Oliver Medical, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA As the last line of defence between the medical device and bacteria, sterile barrier packaging plays an important role in patient safety. As such, failures in medical packaging materials present serious issues for medical device manufacturers. Measures
  • Medical Device Link .
    In the field of medical device development there are a number of factors generally recognised as being important for success. Among these are the biocompatibility, sterility, reliability and adaptability of materials to their surroundings. Without a suitable approach to these issues, the majority
  • Medical Device Link .
    Innovation is hard to characterize and even harder to define. As device OEMs jockey for position on the leading edge of technology, engineers responsible for the packaging of medical products are challenged to implement innovative packages. Packaging systems changes are often based on enhancing

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