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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
166M48 Allied Electronics, Inc. HAMMOND MFG Not Provided filament and low voltage rectifier/open transformer
6K352HF Allied Electronics, Inc. ALLIED TRANSFORMERS Not Provided TRANSFORMER, FILAMENT, 117V, 50/60HZ, 25.2VCT @ 1.0A, LEADS
6K110HF Allied Electronics, Inc. ALLIED TRANSFORMERS Not Provided TRANSFORMER, FILAMENT, 117V,50/60HZ, 12.6CVCT @ 3.0A, LEADS
6K36HF Allied Electronics, Inc. ALLIED TRANSFORMERS Not Provided TRANSFORMER, FILAMENT, 117V, 50/60HZ, 12.6VCT @ 2.0A, LEADS
266LH25 Allied Electronics, Inc. HAMMOND MFG Not Provided transformer - filament and low voltage rectifier/open
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  • Source Controller
    e-Vap® CVS Source Control Modules are designed for use with e-Vap® CVS Series Power Supplies. The source control module unit includes filament transformer assembly, hand held remote control and all necessary cables for hook-up with an e-Vap® CVS Power Supply. A maximum output current of 70 amperes
  • Medical Device Link . Improving Resistance Welding Process Control in Medical Applications
    . Welding of the filament, foil, and post is a key process in the making of x-ray and other medical lamps. Photo courtesy of Unitek Miyachi New resistance welding systems using constant feedback loops to control energy, time, and force open the door for improving overall process control programs
  • UltraVolt HVPS Output-Current Monitor
    Systems. Isolated Low Voltage Power Supplies. Low Voltage Filament Supply. Test Fixtures. Application Notes. AP-1. AP-3. AP-6. AP-10. AP-11. AP-12. AP-13. AP-16. AP-19. AP-22. TN-1. TN-1-French. TN-2. TN-3. TN-CP-1. TN-D-1. TN-E-1. TN-EFL-1. TN-FL-1. TN-HVA-1. TN-I5-I10-1. TN-M-V-1. TN-US-1. TN-XS-1
  • Design for Compliance - Get Through the Certification Process in the Least Amount of Time and for Minimal Cost
    transformers or. EN 60958-2-25 Luminaires for Use in Clinical Areas of. converters for filament lamps. Hospitals. Requirements for LEDs are written into these. standards. Components are Key!. • “All of my components have a mark on. them, I should have no problem getting a. Listing…”. • Conditions
  • Medical Device Link .
    fiber brushes. The Bradex brushes are filaments of heat-stabilized nylon that has been coextruded with an abrasive grit. The grit is embedded throughout the filament, as well as being exposed on the external surfaces. As the filament wears, new abrasive grit is uncovered. Abrasive action occurs
  • - Circuits
    problems for SSRs. High initial surge current is drawn because their stationary impedance is usually very low and back EMF can also add to the applied line voltage and create 'overvoltage' conditions during turn off. Incandescent (tungsten filament) lamps have a high inrush current, but somewhat
  • Interfacing Pulsed Power Systems to Switching Power Supplies
    on the capacitor bank is low. As the voltage. thyratron, the filament, reservoir, bias and trigger supplies. linearly ramps up the power into the capacitor will ramp. require complex isolation transformer systems to float up linearly too greater then 20 kVA. The reactive power. them at high voltage. This also

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