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Unitron 10x Filar Micrometer Eyepiece

ASTM E1951 - 02(2007) Standard Guide for Calibrating Reticles...
calibration; filar micrometer; grain size; magnification; microscope; photography; reticle; stage micrometer, video systems;
See ASTM International Information

Dimensional Inspections Using Microsections
filar eyepiece shall be calibrated in accordance with the manu- facturer's instructions using a stage micrometer.

CTIO Telescope/Instrument Combinations* (1Sep93)
[33,35 Filar Micrometer(b) 1-m Telescope: Cass Spectrograph + 2D-Frutti ASCAP Photometer [24,25,28 Filar Micrometer(b) 0.9-m Telescope: Cass Direct

MEIJI MA218 Filar micrometer eyepiece 10X [MA218 - $506.00 :...
Home > Accessories for Microscopes > EYEPIECES > MEIJI MA218 Filar micrometer eyepiece 10X MEIJI MA218 Filar micrometer eyepiece 10X

Micrometer - definition from
Micrometer microscope, a compound microscope combined with a filar micrometer, used chiefly for reading and subdividing the divisions of large

{Filar, or Bifilar}, {micrometer}. See under {Bifilar}. {Micrometer} {caliper or gauge} (Mech.), a caliper or gauge with a micrometer screw, for

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