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  • CORSA Improves Productivity and Weld Quality Using STT And Robotics
    into the CORSA Performance plant from an outside vendor while the case is rolled and formed in-house. At the welding stage, the System 10 robot completes the welding by making two 28 " fillet welds around the circumference of the part on each end cap. The C5's thin case is prone to melt through, yet needs
  • A Proposed Method for Finding Stress and Allowable Pressure in Cylinders with Radial Nozzles
    A simple technique is presented for calculating the local primary stress from internal pressure in nozzle openings. Nozzle internal projections, reinforcing pads and fillet welds are considered for nozzles on cylinders. The technique uses beam on elastic foundation theory and extends the work
  • ConXtech: Robotic Welding Reduces Weld Time by 92 Percent
    collar plates is machined to include a male dovetail and is attached to the column with fillet welds. Each of the outer collar plates is machined to include a female dovetail slot contoured to the same shape as the tapered boss on the inner collar plate. The outer collar plate is also drilled along
  • Residual Stress Management: Measurement, Fatigue Analysis and Beneficial Redistribution
    In many cases the residual stresses are one of the main factors, determining the engineering properties of parts and structural components. This factor plays a significant role in fatigue of welded elements. The influence of residual stresses on the multi-cycle fatigue life of butt and fillet welds
  • Ultrasonic Measurement of Residual Stresses in Welded Railway Bridge
    of butt and fillet welds can be. compared with the effects of stress concentration [1-4]. For that reason, the residual. stress analysis is a compulsory stage in the process of design of structure elements. and in the estimation of their fatigue life under the real service condition. In modern
  • User Instructions for RUD Lifting Points
    legs is: At outdoor sites or in case of spezial danger of. corrosion,the weld should only be designed as. symmetrical unsymmetrical. continuous, fillet welds. The HV weld at the. Two leg. 2. 1. VLBS, WPP, WPPH, VABH-W, VRBK assures. Three/four leg. 3. 2. a connection via the whole cross section
  • Welding Techniques for Joining Sensor Bodies
    . The freedom from the physical limits of vacuum chambers enables large workpieces to be welded (see. Photo 5. In this close-up of an electron beam fillet weld, note the clean appearance that results from joining in a vacuum environment. Photo 4). The laser emits a beam of concentrated light that is free
  • Medical Device Link .
    laser welds as well as a fillet weld to which a small coil spring is attached. The company also fabricated a range of fine laser-cut components for the interchangeable-tip system and laser marked the parts according to client specifications. Micrometric Techniques Ltd.,Lincoln, Lincs, UK. Miniature