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  • CR4 - Thread: Metallurgist Needed For Tubular Manufacturer In Pittsburgh, PA
    Join CR4, The Engineer's Place for News and Discussion! You might be interested in: Tubular Heaters , Facility Management Services, Riveters and Riveting Machines "I just filled out my income tax forms.
  • Continuous steel casting plants in Poland
    The tundishes ride on tundish cars which run between the tnndish heater unit and a point above the crystalli- zers and a backup mold for overflow of steel and slag residues. A 900 mm long tubular crystallizer was selected from among a variety of crystallizer types as a... ...cross section, so that isotope equipment is resorted to for continuous measurement of the metal fill level. The continuous casting line, consisting of four two-pass casting machines , is controlled from two booths set...
  • Synthesis of SnO2 tubular nanostructures on top of a silicon nitride surface using polymeric templates and their characterization as gas sensor
    • Polymeric template is a simple method for obtain- ing SnO2 tubular microstructures fixed on the top... The SnO2 nanostructures onto a silicon nitride surface were obtained by attaching the filled template to the... The SnO2 thin films were fabricated using the RGTO technique and the polymeric template on a substrate heater element on micro- machined silicon and having a 200-nm Si3N4 membrane as a physical support of the entire sensor stack (microhot plates) (Briand... The microhot plates for this study were provided by the CNR–IMM Bologna, Italy.
  • Manual for Technical product design
    ...chip, container, the rotary closure, lathe, tricycle, pressure boiler, nozzle, railway wagon, Drahtbürste roof lining Dart, epee, Diskus, steam engine , blade, can openers, the... ...Fenstergriff bottle openers, cutters, filling spring, fork, fork lift... ...harpoon, staple, stapling purposes, radiators Handschelle high voltage mast... The state of an inflated body is known of the sport and leisure sector at foot balls... An initially straight steel tube by high pressure of a liquid is "blown" into a predetermined geometric...
  • ZASMHBA0000071
    ...decks Pipe joint compounds Carbides Catalysts Gasoline synthesis Hy&ogenation Promote combustion in space heaters AIkyls Purifying hydrogen... ...computers Fuel cells Motor pole pieces Printed circnits Relays Semiconductors Solenoids Telephone components Terminals Thin-film resistors Electrical discharge machining (electrodes, preforms) Electrochemical machining... ...cutting and scarfing Fluids for magnetic clutches Friction material... ...Joining Brazing Coated and tubular electrodes for arc welding... ...continued) Al~liemima Lubricants Anti-galling pipejoint compound Copper lubricants Greases High-temperaturelubricants Plastic- filled metals Magnetic Clutches...
    ...radioactive components, such as fuel elements, control rods, pumps, and the internals of the fuel- handling machine . Sealed access doors, viewing windows, special equipment, and special tools are designed for use in the maintenance... ...required to raise the temperature of the entire sodium system prior to initial filling with molten sodium... To accomplish this, the sodium system is preheated and maintained at a tem- perature approximately 350° F by use of tubular type electric resistance heaters installed on the piping, underneath the insulation.
  • Fuel Element Simulators for Investigating Accident Regimes on Full-Scale Stands
    This problem does not arise for a heater in the form of a rod. However, placing a rod at the center of a simulator during vibrational filling with periclase to obtain... The producers of tubular electric heating elements, including also simulators, use different specialized equipment [11]. com- pressed to the required size using a rolling mill, rotary-hammer machine , or drawing equipment.
  • noun.artifact (
    filled with steam in which people bathe; `vapour bath' is a British term) } { steamboat, boat,@ (a... ...verb.change:steep,+ ] vessel1,@ (a vessel (usually a pot or vat) used for steeping) } { steeple, spire... ...through the perforations to create the printed pattern on the surface below) } { Sten_gun, submachine_gun,@ noun.location:Britain,;r (a lightweight British submachine gun) } { stenograph, typewriter,@ (a machine for typewriting shorthand characters... inserted inside a tubular body part (as a... ...@ (basin for holy water) } { stoup2, drinking_vessel,@ (an archaic drinking vessel) } { stove, heater ,@ (any heating...

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