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  • Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) with a Spectrally Filtered Cooled Mid-Wave Infrared Camera
    proximity with pipes, valves and other VOC carrying components. It is also easy to miss a leak as the devices give only an indication of a leak, but no image. This paper will describe new infrared imaging technology that uses a special infrared imager employing a sensitive detector and a cold filter
  • The Basics of Pressure Regulators
    application it is time for installation. A filter installed upstream of the regulator will insure the valve seat is not contaminated or damaged by particulates. Gases should be free of excessive moisture to prevent icing of the regulator at high flow rates. Gases should also be free of any oils, greases
  • Continuous, On-Line NIR Analysis of Process Gasses
    photome-. filter photometers measuring ethylene in the low percent. ters for continuous gas analysis. The NIR spectra shown range. The photometer system can correct for sample pres-. below illustrate the differences among common process sure, and transmits results continuously via either digital
  • Industrial Hygiene Report: Spray Paint Use in Ductless Hood
    the recommended 50% of the LEL. This is the. recommended mode of operation for spray painting in the ductless hood. 5. Users should be aware that the propellants (propane and butane) are not. absorbed by the activated charcoal filter and therefore it is important that. there be adequate room
  • Practical Vacuum: Good Design, Procedures and Maintenance Equals Good Vacuum (.pdf)
    be used to dissolve. heating of the product to the required tem-. with all mechanical pumps and, similar to. and remove tars. Oil-sealed vacuum pumps. perature and a controlled gas cooling. helium, is a low molecular weight gas,. Filter selection and maintenance. that for flow rates up to ~3,000 m3/h
  • What's the Difference Between Explosion Proof & Intrinsically Safe?
    ergonomic design. Clear probe body. Improved o-rings. The new probe contains a second and more porous polypropylene dust filter cup, which will filter dirt and dust. Available for the Eagle and Eagle 2. GX-2012 & Gas Tracer Comparison. What is the difference between the GX-2012 and GasTracer?. GX-2012
  • The Missing Piece: Utilizing Evaporation Technology to Dewater RO Reject Wastewater (.pdf)
    (or other high TDS wastewater) being fed to the ENCON MVC Evaporator followed by. dewatering of the MVC concentrate by a ENCON Thermal Evaporator and a plate & frame filter. press. In the first stage, an MVC Evaporator is fed the RO reject and it yields distilled water and concentrate. The concentrate
  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers (.pdf)
    pulses per. revolution), RFI filter, inrush current and. polarity protection. The BLDC motors. have no slip- and low stray-losses so that. low bearing temperatures provide motor. life expectancies well above 40,000 hours. Figure 2.1. Table 1: Motor Characteristics. Design. Shaded. Universal. Brushless

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