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Parts by Number for Fire Nozzle Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
U-4998-1 Alstom Power, Inc. Alstom Replacement Parts for Detroit Stoker Company Grates OVER FIRE NOZZLE
ML10203 Global Industrial Myers Logistics Not Provided Hose Nozzle - Fire Hose
U-4997-3/4 Alstom Power, Inc. Alstom Replacement Parts for Detroit Stoker Company Grates OVER FIRE AIR NOZZLE
U-4997-1 Alstom Power, Inc. Alstom Replacement Parts for Detroit Stoker Company Grates AIR NOZZLE OVER FIRE

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  • BETE Nozzles for Fire Protection
    Greenfield, MA USA (date) - BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., the industry leader in spray nozzle design, currently has two series of high-performance nozzles for fire suppression applications. The BETE N series spiral nozzle and MaxiPass TM series whirl nozzle provide exceptional reliability in dry fire
  • High Impact Washing Nozzles (.pdf)
    was a mixture of a competitor's rotating tank wash nozzles and unbranded fire protection nozzles. Both nozzles were blocking due to particulate that was in the solution of re-circulated caustic the customer was using for washing. highimpactwashing_041606.qxp 001. Custom SSolutions BBulletin
  • Spray Characterization of Typical Fire Suppression Nozzles
    A key issue with various fire suppression methodologies involves building an understanding of how the extinguishing agent is delivered in order to extinguish a fire quickly and efficiently. This is particularly applicable to the water mist technologies becoming more prevalent today. Modeling
  • Airborne Fire Trucks
    Engineering advances and ingenuity are making planes and helicopters even better frontline firefighting assets. The Supertanker, a converted B-747 cargo hauler, can drop 24,000 gallons of water, foam, or in this case, fire retardant. Bombardier's CL-415 airborne tanker has a maximum speed of 234
  • Case History: There is No Emergency, Loss-in-Weight Feeders Save Fire-Resistive Materials Manufacturer
    , until 1999, when the company decided to upgrade to loss-in-weight feeders for improved process and quality control. The dry spray-applied fire-resistive materials are used like this: At a construction site, the dry material is pneumatically conveyed to a nozzle that's connected to a water line. When
  • ARMEX Removes Soot and Smoke Damage from Limestone, Brick, and Wood
    trim and railings. Maintenance Formula XL and a #8 fan nozzle at 60 psi were used to remove all the soot from the heavily blackened concrete block walls in the kitchen where the fire started. Containment. A plastic curtain was put up to keep a majority of the dust out of exposed portions
  • HF Mitigation by Water Sprays (.pdf)
    performance characteristics of the BETE Spirals have earned them. the recognition as the nozzle of choice for critical cooling and fire suppression appliances. In. environments ranging from gas wellhead protection to the safeguarding of ship-borne. ammunition magazines, the BETE Spirals are providing
  • Discoveries during Development of the next generation Ultrahigh Pressure Water Jetting Machines
    cutting i.e nozzles, feeders and containers for cutting of everything from steel to concrete. Thus, people who need fire- and explosion proof equipment which can be used everywhere in all directions without doing any harm to the material can get what they need. It will revolutionize the spreading