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Parts by Number for Fire Resistance Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
66858 Global Industrial Global Industrial Not Provided Fakro Steel Insulated, Fire Rated Scissor Attic Ladder - 60 Minute Resistance - 66858

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  • BETE Nozzles for Fire Protection
    Greenfield, MA USA (date) - BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., the industry leader in spray nozzle design, currently has two series of high-performance nozzles for fire suppression applications. The BETE N series spiral nozzle and MaxiPass TM series whirl nozzle provide exceptional reliability in dry fire
  • Primer on Helmet-Mounted Eye Protection for Fire Fighting
    acceptable performance levels for many parameters, including. the following: ❱ Lens impact. ❱ Heat and flame resistance. ❱ Field of view. NFPA 1500: Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program, 2007 Edition. NFPA 1500, 2007 Edition is the standard that dictates how
  • Home Fire Safety Using Thermal Imagers
    homes reducing money out of our pockets. But did you know that thermal imagers can also help us to detect dangerous fire hazards before they result in damage and injury, saving money, and potentially lives? When electric circuits have an increased resistance and begin building up excess heat
  • Using the Resistance Set Feature (.pdf)
    off the first pulse and. UB25, DC25 and HF25, can. allows the second pulse to fire. be used to consistently reduce. PROGRAMMING RESISTANCE SET: contact resistance prior to the. Program 6 milliseconds of upslope on the first pulse. Program a. application of the welding. power level that is appropriate
  • The Benefits of Designing & Testing a Low Resistance Grounding System
    . Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical. Residential. Telecom & Broadcasting. Transporation. Utilities & Power Generation. Resources. Articles. Brochures. Catalog. Glossary. Lightning Risk Assessment. Links. News. Industry Affiliations. Lightning Protection Institue (LPI). National Fire Protection Association
  • The Benefits of Closed-Loop Control for the Resistance Welding Process (.pdf)
    . current level reaches a preset limit, the first pulse is. current pulse is used to detect misaligned parts. With. stopped, and the second pulse is allowed to fire (Figure. constant current applied, the voltage across the work. 5). The APC feature automatically adjusts the first pulse. pieces
  • Testing for Flame Resistance of Electrical Cables
    The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publishes flame-resistance standards through its published National Electrical Code (NEC). Other agencies, such as UL and CSA also publish standards and also define certain tests for determining flame resistance (or lack thereof). Flame resistance
  • Complex stainless weldment used in marine, pharmaceutical and semiconductor application. Part needs high corrosion resistance.
    The customer needed parts to withstand a variety. of environments, such as salt air, harsh chemicals, etc. without. rusting or discoloring. The parts are used on fire fighting equipment, and in. pharmaceutical laboratories where harsh chemical wash downs are required. The components are also used
  • Differences in Water Glycol Hydraulic Fluids Can Have Serious Effects
    Fire-resistance has made water-glycol-based hydraulic fluids (WGHFs) the preferred choice for hydraulic applications in the primary metals industries, including aluminum die casting. Their low flammability and relatively low cost have also made these products attractive for general hydraulic use
  • Ester / Diester Fluids
    Fluids are based upon phosphate ester, dibasic ester, polyol ester, silicate ester or diester compounds. Phosphate esters and other synthetic fluids tend to have the highest fire resistance and cost. They are generally used in a diluted form with concentrations from 3% to 10%. Synthetic fluids