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  • BETE Nozzles for Fire Protection
    protection systems. In dry fire protection systems, water does not enter the pipes until a remote valve is activated by a sensor, making them ideal for outdoor applications, or in places where the system will be exposed to temperatures below freezing. Nozzle effectiveness in these systems is greatly
  • Proper Relief Valve Fire Case Evaluation Using Dynamic Simulation Tools Versus API 521 Recommended Practice (.pdf)
    The following slides describe a special case encountered while performing a refinery relief valve evaluation project. A pool fire scenario is near a large bank of stacked horizontal heat exchangers used in a chiller unit.
  • BVTS thermostatic valve - the perfect choice with alternative fuels
    is to prevent backburning. The BVTS monitors the temperature in the fuel feed system, and if the temperature rises above 95°C, the valve will release enough water to extinguish the fire.
  • Shut-off Valve Increases Water Main Pressure for Firefighting
    When new construction regulations for controlling water mains pressure in the event of a fire were introduced in Poland in 2006, Danfoss had the right solution. Now, the high water pressure necessary for fighting fires never fails.
  • Installation time for two 12
    When an auto accident severly damages a fire hydrant, Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. is called in to install two EZ valves and (quickly) saves the day
  • Meeting regulations at a propane facility
    A gas bulk plant in United States required a valve upgrade to meet new fire and safety regulations. The company took this opportunity to commission the design and installation of new motors, tanks and sliding vane pumps as well. Since installation, the modernised plant now produces propane more
  • Quick and quiet
    The new National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulation dramatically alters the types of equipment that can legally be used in propane gas systems, requiring all bulk storage tanks with a volume of more than 4,000 gal (15,140 litres) to have their storage tanks fitted with either internal
  • Hacking the Industrial Network (.pdf)
    Malicious code, a Trojan program deliberately inserted into SCADA system software, manipulated valve positions and compressor outputs to cause a massive natural gas explosion along the Trans-Siberian pipeline, according to 2005 testimony before a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    ) HDTV display, a lighter and thinner rear-projection TV that uses reflective light valve technology. CableLabs copy-protection technology draws fire Hoping to defuse the long-running dispute over copy protection for digital content, the cable industry has submitted the final draft
  • Products in Action
    process gases and is a process by-product. Potential sources of hydrogen leaks within a fab include bulk hydrogen delivery tanks, gas delivery lines, gas manifolds, valve boxes, regulators, the point at which a gas line enters a tool, and exhaust ducts. If hydrogen concentrations reach the flammable

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