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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
WW-3660 Global Industrial Brennan Equipment Mfg Not Provided Little Giant ® Heavy Duty 7 Gauge Steel Workbench, Fixed Height, 36 X 60
WW-4284-HD Global Industrial Brennan Equipment Mfg Not Provided Little Giant ® 7 Gauge Steel Workbench, Drawer, Fixed Height, 42 X 84
WW-3672 Global Industrial Brennan Equipment Mfg Not Provided Little Giant ® Heavy Duty 7 Gauge Steel Workbench, Fixed Height, 36 X 72

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  • Fixed Limit Gages...What Are They?
    this discussion to a manageable level, we are going to talk exclusively about fixed-limit gages, which are basic and foolproof in their use. Fixed limit, or Go / NoGo gages are 'Attribute gages'. Attribute gages check the extreme limits of the product tolerance letting you know the product is within its
  • Strain Gauges Explained
    . The shunt resistor is a known fixed value, normally . The Shunt resistor is added for calibration purposes and is a very high precision resistor. By measuring the voltage between measurement points A and B with the shunt resistor across Rx, a voltage with the shunt resistor in place is known
  • Vacuum Measurements Using Modern Cold Cathode Technology
    . the cold cathode has unique operating. glass envelope was connected to a vacuum. cathode meter scales. As log amplifiers,. characteristics that make it a better. system. The electrodes were connected to. microprocessors, and digital displays. choice. Cold cathode gauges are eco-. a fixed high-voltage power
  • Inspection 101 - Toolroom Gauging
    the best choice. hole is too large. erator to sense solid contact when. Fixed Gauging/Plug Gauges—. Variable Gauging/Micrometer. using a micrometer is to use an indi-. A good choice for checking holes is. —Fixed gauging won’t tell an opera-. cating micrometer. These instruments. a fixed gauge
  • Computer Power User Article - Mod(ern) Art
    the PCB: The original lighting of the gauges was in the PCB, so I had to create another lighting system for each gauge, using a blue LED and a thin sheet of Plexi. I made new cylinders for the Musketeer gauges from aluminum sheets, which are held by rounded mesh, fixed on two Plexi supports. The one
  • The Gas Company, Hawaii
    ,. but is particularly crucial upon delivery. Because propane is. Historically, TGC used sonar based level gauges as its main. processed remotely, it must be shipped to TGC by barge. sensor type with 10% fixed level gauges for backup and. The propane is then pumped into TGC’s storage tanks for. added measurement
  • Medical Device Link .
    , the existing fixed-limit ring gauges were prone to excessive wear rates, which resulted in out-of-tolerance gauge measurements and, thus, out-of-tolerance threads. The screw-threaded component is manufactured from a high nickel alloy with difficult machining characteristics. Adding to the screw-thread
  • Definitions and Explanations
    to evaluate the durability and reliability of a cable or assembly under repeated bending. Three methods are frequently used: Weighted Bend, Bend, or Rolling Bend. The Weighted Bend test holds a section of the cable aligned within a fixed holder, and with a weight attached to the cable below the holder

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