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  • Thermal/Flame Spray Dust and Fume Collectors
    The potential for fire and explosion is very real when dealing with Thermal Spray and dust collectors. It is imperative that Farr APC be contacted for proper explosion venting and other safety concerns. Explosion vents, sprinkler kits, flame retardant cartridges and possibly spark traps all need
  • Fake Products, Real Dangers
    to provide a unique product or brand "fingerprint" that can be verified with field, laboratory or inline manufacturing tools. Depending on the item, there are a variety of inks, lasers, threads, sprays and labels that can be used to enhance brand protection, authentication and material identification. Many
  • What is Thermal Spraying
    between popular thermal spray technologies and how they uniquely achieve their coating characteristics: Gun description. Heat. Velocity. Flame. Gas temperature range: 4,600 -5,200 F. Fuel gas is burned with oxygen to melt a continuously fed wire, powder or rod. Particle velocity range: 300 -800 fps
  • Solving the Problems Inherent to Torch Brazing Aluminum (.pdf)
    the. to which noncorrosive flux is applied. The. in Zn-Al brazing alloys. The 78Zn 22Al is. same noncorrosive performance at a sub-. strip is then rolled to create a wire with a. specifically designed for use on thermal-. stantially lower temperature. flux core. Typically, these wires have flux